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Indoff Partner Paul Perez, TAS

Paul Perez, TAS

Commercial Interiors

Indoff Commercial Interiors represents well over 300 manufacturers providing our customers with an almost unlimited amount of choice for their office furniture needs. As an Indoff Sales Representative, our service includes a free initial consultation, nationwide standards program, and a seamless process of design, space planning, warehousing, delivery and installation.

Paul Perez, TAS

Staten Island, NY



I have been in the business solution industry for 8 years ! Fresh out of college, I landed a job as an account Executive servicing business in every industry, in the NYC Region. I sold traditional office supplies for years, but then advanced to design, furnishing & Installation. I even handled several marketing campaigns for companies in their infancy stages. Before I knew it, I was providing organization and companies with around 90% of their purchasing needs. I have always been a believer of convenience & simplicity -- therefore, I try to lead with this dynamic while providing solutions. I shape my growth around always being honest & holding myself to the highest standard. I shape my success around the clients who become friends. This formula has helped me managed over $10M in sales.

I work with the goal of empowering office managers, executive assistants, accounting departments, and many other departments interested in improving results. Empowering these individuals to handle everyday task in an efficient manner helping them become more vested in a companies bottom line. The objective is to remove the panic and overwhelmed feeling driven by company demands, by providing a free service capable of improving the Entire procurement !

Years in the Business



Tri-State Contract & GSA : Space planning & design w/ 3D renderings / installation & debris removal.
Tri-State Contract & GSA : Public bids and “RFP’S” -- Request for Price

Private : Commercial or Residential Furniture Furnishing
Private : Space planning & design w/ 3D renderings / installation & debris removal
Private : Moving Services

Advertising and marketing/promotional — Planning, distributing & printing of promo items (Apparel, Phone Accessories, etc.)

Business essentials : Office supplies / Toner and ink / Technology
Cleaning services : Supplies and Service
Break Room and Wellness supplies — Snacks, drinks, & personal hygiene items


REBNY Licensed Real Estate Sales Person, Partnering World Wide


From a well known Mom & Pop shop, to the large local non for profit organization, to a start-up, in the infancy stages, looking to scale. I handle small, mid-market and enterprise accounts.

Photos of Previous Jobs

From an office manager to an executive, I am here to HELP! You, or your small team, no longer have to deal with capital investment purchases alone.