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The Lobby - Your Brands First Impression

We all know the saying: “your first impressions last a lifetime”. So how can you make sure that your brand is making a good first impression? This is your lobby’s job, no matter what industry you are in. When people walk into your business today, what are they greeted with? Have you provided comfortable seating? Is there personnel running the reception desk? Does the color palette match your brand? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself. After all, the worst thing you can do is start off on the wrong foot with your clients.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your reception area or you’re in need of a fresh install, it’s important that you team up with a trained professional as soon as possible. It’s best to contact your local Indoff Commercial Interiors Partner during the planning phase of your project to ensure the best results. Don’t toss money into seating, decor, signage, and desks without first thinking about and discussing the feng shui of your space.

The Front Desk

Most often, when people initially arrive at your office, they will be greeted by your receptionists at your front desk. Obviously the encounter with your receptionist is important, but so is the desk that they operate. Your receptionist needs to have the tools available to properly assist your guest upon arrival. The receptionist position requires organizational skills, the ability to answer phones, complete essential paperwork, and much more. A good front desk will help facilitate all these job duties.

It’s not just about organization though, it’s also about the look and feel of the desk as well. Desks vary by design and your brand identity should play a role in your decision-making process. Do you run a trendy tech company? A doctors office? A legal firm? All of these industries have different images and connotations that your interior design needs to align with. At a legal firm you may want a solid dark wood or marble front desk. At a tech firm, the desk may be more abstract and modern with lighting elements. Your local Indoff Commercial Interior Partner knows what’s hot and what’s not. It’s important that your furniture works for you and they will be able to advise you on these decisions.

Comfortable Seating with Accessible Tables

A great reception area also consists of great seating options. Your guests may be sitting for a while depending on how early they arrive and what events are on the calendar. Making sure they are comfortable as they wait is extremely important. Comfortable chairs can help calm their nerves and emotions before any scheduled meetings. 

It’s also key to ensure that your guests have tables to set their belongings on. This may be paperwork, their morning coffee, or even a laptop. Taking care of any essential needs can go a long way. You may have a need for your tables to have built-in power sources to help keep your guests up and running. Perhaps you need a side table for drink placement or pens and pencils in case they have misplaced theirs or need to continue working.

Calming and Professional Decor

Comfort and functionality are the two biggest focuses of a good reception area, but we shouldn’t forget about decor. Decor can help build your brand awareness and even align with your marketing strategy. Some companies like to have their product or service available for use while waiting. Perhaps you’re currently pushing a specific product and would like potential clients to interact with it while waiting. 

Additionally, Including greenery in your lobby promotes neutral smells while providing stress-relieving comfort. Wall decor can also help show off some of your brand initiatives such as charity events, awards, employee achievements, and more. You may even want to think about sound dampening and white noise pending on how busy your lobby is.

Indoff Commercial Interior Partners are experts within the field and have many years of experience in your locale. Trends, colors, and decor all vary greatly based on region and having an expert from your area goes a long way. They see a lot of commercial spaces which means they may know what your competitors are doing, what resonates with your customer base, and are familiar with the local economy.

When you hire an Indoff Partner you’re getting more than a service, you’re receiving a temporary employee. They are invested in your business and ensuring that you are satisfied with their service. Indoff Partners also have unparalleled access to hundreds of vendors which means you know you’re getting the absolute perfect solution for whatever need you may have. Don’t hesitate – contact your Local Indoff Commercial Interiors Partner today.

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