The classroom is arguably the most important room in a school. Don’t underestimate what the power of great furniture can provide for your teachers and students. At Indoff, we certainly don’t.

We take the task of supplying today’s classrooms with exceptional furniture and equipment very seriously. When you work with a member of our team, you have access to the latest ideas and innovations in classroom design. We’ve got it if it can help your teachers and students connect more effectively.

The Classroom is the Entrance to the World

Outdated, damaged, and uncomfortable classroom environments can cause impairment in your student’s ability to learn. When it comes to furniture, make the classroom your priority. Updated classroom furnishings give your spaces a clean, fresh, modern look and contribute to performance. Students and teachers who are comfortable and have the space and resources they need feel better and work together better, leading to more productive days.

The classroom is indeed the entrance to the world. Give your students and teachers what they need by providing furniture and equipment that allows them the freedom to explore all the world has to offer.

Desks for Students and Staff

There are more options than ever before regarding your desk and table systems for the classroom. Some desks are made to allow for changeable room layouts and team collaboration, while other desks are more traditional and built for the individual. Needs greatly change depending on the subject being taught in the classroom. Comfortable desks allow the student to focus on what is being taught instead of spending their time shifting around.

Get the flexibility, functionality, and comfort you need in your classrooms with the help of the collaborative team at Indoff. We work with the best classroom furniture suppliers to offer our clients the latest innovations in classroom furniture. Whether you’re in need of standard desks or more collaborative tables, Indoff has access to hundreds of vendors to ensure you receive the right product.

The Importance of a Whiteboard

Whiteboards provide the opportunity for a teacher to broadcast their writings to the room of attentive students. It’s important that you provide the teacher with a whiteboard big enough that they can provide all the necessary facts for their lesson. Additionally, you want a quality board that will stand the test of time without creating unwanted stains from the previous days and years. In today’s modern world, you may even want to explore the potential of a Smartboard, which can provide the digital aspect of a traditional solution.

Storage for Texts and Tools

Classrooms are often packed with hundreds of different types of supplies, games, textbooks, and more. Without the proper storage solutions, you’ll waste valuable time and money looking for or replacing the tools needed for the job. We provide a wide variety of storage options to fit any age group or need. Whether you’re looking for storage that can be locked to store sensitive information or a simple bookcase to organize your reading materials, Indoff has you covered.

Multiple offerings for every need


Filing Systems

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Silk Plants



Waste Receptacles


Furniture for All Your Educational Needs

Let Indoff craft a solution that works for you – no matter what size or shape, we’re here to help. 

Give your students an organized environment to complete their studies.

Make sure your classrooms are fitted with the essentials.

Your cafeteria should be a clean and social environment for student interaction.

Your staff requires a productive environment to keep your school operating.

Experienced Commercial Interiors Professionals Ready to Help.

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