Material Handling

No two companies manufacture or warehouse products in the same way. Our Sales Partners have the expertise and experience in the industry to review your process and develop solutions that work for your situation. Your Indoff Sales Partner can work with you to find replacement equipment or develop complete turnkey solutions.

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Industry Experts That Provide Effective
Material Handling Solutions

Indoff Material Handling Sales Representatives not only have the expertise and experience to map out the solution that makes the most sense for you, but they have access to hundreds of manufacturers and product lines to make it a reality. This combination of know-how and product accessibility means you get the right solution that works in your best interest. 

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Design recommendations and preliminary budgeting

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Plant surveys, product flow space & time-motion studies

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Permits, leasing services, and installation

Below are just a few of the thousands of solutions that we offer!

Automated Systems Packaging
Carts & Trucks
Cranes & Jibs
Dock Equipment
Equipment Containers

Ergonomic Equipment
Factory Stools & Chairs
Filing Systems
Folding Gates
Forklift Accessories
Guard Rails

In-Plant Offices
Safety Equipment
Scissor Lifts
Welded Wire Decking
Wire Partitions

Mobile Aisles
Modular Workstations
Pallet Rack Storage
Pallet Jacks

Indoff Is Where Material Handling Solutions Take Shape.

Material Handling is all about moving goods through your system so your employees have what they need when and where they need it. Effective material handling services utilize a carefully choreographed selection of material handling systems, from fully-automated robotic delivery systems to manual handling and lifting equipment and everything in between. The result is seamless logistics that fully support your business every step of the way.

Indoff is your one-stop material handling distributor and supplier for all things related to materials handling. Need a high-tech conveyor system to move product from point A to points B through Z? We can help with that. Looking for a way to speed up your warehousing processes? We can set you up with automated guided vehicles – robots – that will make your flow faster and smoother than ever. Busting at the seams and need to add more space and more efficiency to your crowded warehouse floor? We can set up the construction of a mezzanine that will drastically increase your available storage space and still leave everything fully accessible. And, we can do that with minimum impact on your operations.

You’ve got material handling challenges. Indoff can help.

Indoff’s experience and expertise, plus suitable automated and manual material handling equipment, can create solutions that make sense for you.




Qualified Pros

On average, our Partners come equipped with over 30 years of experience within the industry. They have seen and heard it all and bring that experience to each of their projects. Whether you’re looking to improve your safety measures or increase your amount of storage, our Partners will get it done.

Simplified Billing

The purchase of new warehouse solutions often comes with a lot of accounting bookkeeping. At Indoff, we consolidate your billing so you’ll never be confused as to what checks need to be written or which can be filed away. We also offer hassle-free financing to free up capitol and additional lines of credit.

Access to 500+ Manufacturers

Indoff Material Handling Partners have access to many of the nation’s leading commercial furniture manufacturers so that they can always find the right product at the right price to meet your needs. Our Partners are not instructed to push the newest products or meet a quota. They simply want to ensure that your needs are met and taken care of.

We offer conveyors rack repair kits safety equipment mezzanines wind screens ergonomic products storage solutions dock equipment AGVs and so much more

We know our products, and we know your industry. Work with a partner with that knows the ins and outs of your field.


Getting a product from point A to point B quickly and efficiently takes a combination of the right plan supported by the right tools.


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Material Movement

Technology is key when it comes to material movement in your facility. We can guide you in finding the best solution at a cost that works for your budget.

Material Movement

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Mezzanine and Modular Buildings

when you need more usable workspace, a modular building or mezzanine can be the perfect solution for a surprisingly small investment.

Mezzanine and Modular Buildings

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Racking & Shelving

The heart and soul of most warehouses is the racking and shelving. Indoff works with all the major manufacturers to find the right setup for you.

Racking & Shelving

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Storage Equipment

From lockers to pallets, we are always looking for a place to put your stuff. Indoff has loads of options to help you store and protect your valuables

Storage Equipment

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Worksite accidents happen but that shouldn't stop you from doing everything in your power to protect your staff. Indoff can show you plenty of options to help keep your space safe.


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Dock Equipment

Unloading product from a trailer can be a challenging task without the right equipment so make sure you have the right equipment in place when you need it.

Dock Equipment

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Ergonomic Products

Work is hard enough, do not make it worse. Having the right ergonomic equipment on the floor reduces injuries and improves productivity.

Ergonomic Products

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Experienced Material Handling Professionals Ready to Help.

Talk with a representative to see how Indoff can save you time and money on your next project.

Courtney Brazell

Courtney joined Indoff in 2010. She brings years of experience in project management and tech solutions and is responsible for supporting our Partners’ sales efforts.

Phone: (314) 997-1122 ext. 1291

Josh Long

Josh joined Indoff in 2013 as part of the acquisition of Allied Appliance, a nationwide appliance distributor. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of our appliance division that is comprised of Allied Appliance and Absocold, a manufacturer of refrigerators and microwaves that Indoff acquired in 2017.

Phone: (314) 997-1122 ext. 1107

Jim Malkus

Jim joined Indoff in 1988 after spending 5 years at Ernst & Young, where he specialized in audit and accounting for privately-held businesses. Jim is responsible for the day-to-day management of Indoff.

Phone: (314) 997-1122 ext. 1203

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John Ross

John’s background includes the start up and acquisition of several successful business ventures, and he provides strategic planning and overall corporate governance.

Phone: (314) 997-1122 ext. 1201