Providing business solutions for virtually any industry

Providing business solutions for virtually any industry

Indoff combines nationwide distribution with wide access to the products, technologies, and services you need to run your business, all at competitive prices. Contact your local Indoff Partner for FREE to discuss your project and we’ll take it from there.

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The Source for All Your Business Needs

Indoff maintains relationships with thousands of manufacturers across our six divisions so that we can always find the right solutions for your business.

It’s not about the newest, trendiest, and most expensive products but rather about satisfying our customer’s needs by providing solutions that improve their business.


When it’s Your Job to Buy Everything, You Need Indoff

Businesses need lots of “stuff” to get the job done. In healthcare, that stuff looks like medical equipment and waiting room furniture. In warehousing, that stuff looks like pallet racks and conveyor belts. In education, that stuff looks like classroom furniture and playground equipment. There’s big stuff like mezzanines and commercial laundry equipment, high tech stuff like LED light retrofit kits and AI picking robots, and even little stuff like office supplies and water bottles to pass out at trade shows. You get the idea.

All that “stuff” has to come from somewhere. Finding the right solutions at the right price and having it on hand and installed when you need it is a big, complicated, messy job.

That’s where Indoff comes in. We’re experts in procuring all the essentials. We help over 30,000 unique businesses across all industries get what they need to get the job done. And we do it better than anyone else.

If it’s your job to buy everything, call Indoff. We can help.

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Our sales representatives provide a wide variety of services and products for your business including Commercial Office InteriorsMaterial Handling, Business Products, Appliances, Energy Solutions, and Promotional Products

It’s completely FREE to contact your local Indoff Sales Representative to discuss your needs so contact us today and we’ll find you the perfect solution for your business, whatever shape or size it may come in.

Wholesale Business Supplies

Shape your business while saving your time.

Shape your business while saving your time.

Talk with a representative to see how Indoff can save you time and money on your next project.

Talk with a representative to see how Indoff can save you time and money on your next project.

Jim Malkus

Jim joined Indoff in 1988 after spending 5 years at Ernst & Young, where he specialized in audit and accounting for privately-held businesses. Jim is responsible for the day-to-day management of Indoff.

Phone: (314) 997-1122 ext. 1203

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John Ross

John’s background includes the start up and acquisition of several successful business ventures, and he provides strategic planning and overall corporate governance.

Phone: (314) 997-1122 ext. 1201