Mezzanines & Modular Design

Whether your in need of an inplant office space,  cleanroom, or an office on a mezzanine, Indoff can show you several options that fit your space and budget requirements. 

  • One or Two Story Structures
  • Inspection Rooms
  • Assembly Rooms
  • Shipping & Receiving 
  • Security Booths
  • And many additional layouts

When you need an enclosed work area close to the floor, a modular designed building is a perfect solution

When you are on the production floor, the noise and commotion going on will not lend itself to lengthy in-depth conversations. Sometimes you need to get to a private area where options can be considered and the next steps planned but still close to the action to make sure correct procedures are carried out. A modular building can be the ideal solution for this type of situation. Modular buildings can be configured to meet the needs for almost any manufacturing or warehouse facility. An Indoff Sales Representative can assist you in finding just the right type and style building to meet your needs. 

Your local Indoff Sales Representative can provide you more details on the following types of mezzanines:
Free Standing | Rack Supported | Building Supported | Shelving Supported | Work Platforms 

Your local Indoff Sales Representative can also provide you more details on the following types of modular buildings:
In-Plant Offices | Partition Walls | Cleanrooms | Control Rooms | Machine Enclosures | Paint/Powder Enclosures | Cannabis Growing Enclosures | Security Booths | Towers | Steel Buildings | Shelters 

Looking for a particular product? Search our online catalog for more information.

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Products that work in your industry for your needs.

Let Indoff craft a solution that works for you – no matter what size or shape, we’re here to help. 

Getting a product from point A to point B quickly and efficiently takes a combination of the right plan supported by the right tools. 

Technology is key when it comes to material movement in your facility. We can guide you in finding the best solution at a cost that works in your budget.

When you need more usable workspace, a modular building or mezzanine can be the perfect solution for a surprisingly small investment.

The heart and soul of most warehouses is racking and shelving. Indoff works with all the major manufacturers to find the right setup for you.

From lockers to pallets, we are always looking for a place to put our “stuff”. Indoff has loads of options to help you store and protect your valuables.

Worksite accidents happen but that should not stop you from doing everything in your power to protect your assets. Indoff can show you plenty of options to help keep your space safe.

Unloading product from a trailer can be a challenging task without the right equipment. Make sure you have the right equipment in place. 

Work is hard enough, do not make it worse. Having the right ergonomic equipment on the floor reduces injuries and improves productivity. 

Product Spotlight - Conveyors

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor Roach

Pallet Conveyor

Flexible Conveyor Roach

Flexible Conveyor

Plastic Belt Conveyor Roach

Plastic Belt Conveyor

See how we’ve done it before.

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