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Commercial Interior Design


Creating a calming, inviting environment in any healthcare setting has a significant impact on the patient and family. Let an Indoff Commercial Interior Healthcare Specialist guide you in selecting the right furniture that fits your facility or office.

  • Physician Office
  • Waiting Room
  • Laboratory
  • Pediatrics
  • Additional Services 

Certified Medical Furniture to Help Rejuvenate Your Patients

Healthcare furniture is explicitly designed to assist staff and ensure the comfort, safety, and health of patients and their family. Indoff has thousands of solutions for every part of your healthcare business.

Bringing Calm To A Stressful Industry

The healthcare industry is often fast-paced and requires a lot of communication, organization, and precautions. A simple mistake can result in the spread of disease, an allergic reaction, or worse. Indoff provides thousands of healthcare furniture solutions to ensure the smoothest and safest operations when it comes to your business.

Let us Help You Change the Lives of Others

Adjustable height desks
Club and Lounge Seating
Desks and Credenzas
Executive chairs
Filing Systems

Keyboard Trays

Lateral files


Mail sorters


Monitor Arms

Open Plan Workstations

Reception desks




Silk Plants

Smart Boards

Stools/Cafe Height



Task Seating

Waste Receptacles


Bariatric Furniture

Expertise in the Healthcare industry.

We know our products, and we know your industry. Work with a partner with that knows the ins and outs of your field.

The Physicians Office should be a sanitary, comforting, and educational place for your patients.

Make a great first impression with a waiting room that instills confidence, provides education, and easies concerns with comfort.

It’s important that your lab has the right setup  to operate in an error free and efficient environment.

Treating children is different than adults. Transform your Pediatric Office into something special for the little ones. 

Experienced Commercial Interiors Professionals Ready to Help

Talk with a representative to see how Indoff can save you time and money on your next project. 

Indoff. Where Great Healthcare Spaces are Made.

Furniture for a healthcare environment requires a special touch. Function is everything. Healthcare furniture needs to be comfortable, calming, easy to clean – thoroughly, accommodating to all, including bariatric patients, and durable. Medical furniture suppliers focus on providing high-quality, resilient pieces that put patients at ease.

At Indoff, we’re experts in furnishing all types of healthcare spaces.

  • Waiting rooms. This is where you make your first and possibly the last impression on patients. We’ll help you select products that provide all the benefits you need. These are also areas that take a lot of abuse.
  • Patient rooms. We’ll help you bring calm to stressful spaces with a focus on comfort and sanitation.
  • Labs. The right design facilitates productivity and innovation. Carts, cabinets, counters, and more – Indoff has the resources and experience to design the right lab for you.
  • Pediatric spaces. Kids need special attention, especially when it comes to healthcare. If you’re looking for ways to create a welcoming, stimulating, comforting environment for your little patients, let Indoff help.

Are you ready to transform your healthcare space? Call Indoff today to get started.

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