Vendor Spotlight: Hunter’s Titan and 500 Series Controller

Titan and 500 Series Controller

For over 135 years, Hunter Fan Company has pushed the possibilities, starting with the original ceiling fan in 1886. As the leader in the industry, Hunter’s product line expands into industrial HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans, meaning larger fans resulting in more significant air movement at a slower speed.

Titan HVLS Fan Benefits

The Titan fan, Hunter’s flagship HVLS product, is the sleekest fan on the market. Titan is available in a range of fan diameters from 14’-24’ and are accompanied by the patented, structural-grade steel blade holder ensuring a secure fit at the perfect blade pitch every time. Every Titan HVLS fan comes with Hunter’s Adjustable Downrod, ranging from 2ft to 10ft, ensuring the perfect fit for your workspace!

Are you looking to increase safety, employee retention, and year-round energy savings in an environment where temperature is unpredictable? Take control by installing the Titan HVLS fan! There are many benefits to installing Hunter’s Titan in your facility, such as:

·         Best airflow for cooling.

·         Cost savings.

·         Reduces effects of odors, steam, and chemicals.

Control The Temperature Inside Your Facility

After installing the Hunter Titan fan, use the simple touchscreen 500 Series Controller to regulate up to 30 fans, all from one location. The best part of the 500 Controller is its Ethernet-based network that includes power for the controller; it comes with fan scheduling, fan grouping, and fan naming to regulate temperature fluctuations. This results in a safer building, comfortable occupants, and an undisturbed workflow.

An uncomfortable working environment is one of the leading reasons for employee turnover; as temperatures rise above 80 degrees, productivity decreases dramatically. HVAC systems are often used to assist in lowering temperatures in larger areas. However, they are expensive to operate and maintain. Titan only costs pennies an hour to operate, reducing winter heating and summer cooling expenses by up to 30%.

The Titan HVLS fan is more than just a gentle breeze on a warm day; it’s a difference maker during sweltering summer months. The wind from the Titan HVLS fan creates a cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. This affordable solution to your cooling issues provides consistent, reliable airflow to your workspace, helping dry spills, reducing lingering fumes, and decreasing rust damage. Businesses such as warehouses, material handling, automotive shops, breweries, and fitness centers are industries that will benefit from installing Titan HVLS fans.

Count On More Than Just The Fan

Hunter is committed to product excellence and customer satisfaction. As proof of that, we have industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranties on HVLS fans, outstanding customer service, and ten-day lead times. Adding Hunter fans is a simple and effective way to improve your facility environment! Contact your local Indoff Partner or visit to learn more.

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