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Worldwide’s wire mesh containers take your difficult-to-store pieces and turn them into an organized and secure storage solution. These wire mesh containers, also referred to as wire mesh baskets, are welded with precision using 2-gauge wire to create a 2” by 2” wire mesh pattern*. After welding, these containers are then galvanized for a highly durable finish, fit to withstand harsh work environments and constant handling.

Every wire mesh container features a lockable, half-drop front gate that allows for easy access to container contents. Robotically welded feet and understructure reinforce the already-superior strength of this container, but every container can be further customized by adding accessories which are specific to your operation’s needs. Add on caster kits for effortless transporting, or add pallet runners for safe and easy stacking on pallet rack. Other optional add-ons include fork pockets or stirrups for secure forklift handling, dividers for further organization within the container, or a hinged lid for maximum security.
In addition to those benefits, wire mesh containers will efficiently save space even when they’re not in use. For empty containers, simply collapse the container walls for easy storage. Worldwide’s containers can be stacked up to 10 containers high when collapsed, or 4 containers high when fully assembled and filled with product.

With 4 container sizes in stock, these wire mesh containers are made purely with your unique needs in mind:

– Junior (20”D x 32”W x 22”OH)
– Medium (32”D x 40”W x 34”OH)
– Senior (40”D x 48”W x 36”OH)
– XL (40”D x 48”W x 42”OH)

Custom sizes or finishes are available also. Worldwide’s wire mesh containers are a staple for everyday operations in traditional warehouses, manufacturing plants, recreational facilities, exhibitors, hotel and hospitality facilities, automotive industry operations, and so many other industries across the globe. Worldwide’s wire mesh containers can also be found improving government facilities and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Equip your customers with the same tools found in the strongest operations on the planet. Achieve efficiency and maximize organization with the #1 selling wire mesh container in the world.

*Junior size made with 11-gauge wire to create a ½” x ½” mesh.

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