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Vendor Video: Velox by Husky Rack & Wire

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Velox Machine Perimeter Guarding

Why Velox

The toughest materials meet the fastest assembly. Our modular design uses interchangeable components to make installing Velox faster and easier than any other machine guarding system in the industry.

Fastest Installation

Velox is the fastest-installing machine guarding product available, meaning you spend less time assembling and more time getting back to your bottom line. Design using modular components from our 48 Hour Quick Ship List to get up to code faster than with anyone else.

Superior Strength and Stability

Our posts offer the greatest strength and stability available in the market, and specially ridged panels reinforce that strength without the unnecessary bulk or weight of frames.

Velox by Husky - Superior Stability

Easy Modification

Modify in the field to create the exact machine guarding system for your needs thanks to unframed wire mesh panels that can be easily cut. All panels are non-progressive, so you can remove any single one without having to take down the entire line.

Velox is the most innovative and versatile machine guarding system that can provide a safe perimeter in any facility.

See it in action and explore panel, post and door options that can be quickly combined and easily modified in the space for all projects large and small.


Versatile to Fit Any Space

Make it easy to work around tight spaces or other equipment and use special designs with our modular components and the help of our design engineers.


Our non-progressive panels allow you to remove a single panel without taking down the entire run, ensuring quick panel removal and replacement.

Velox by Husky - Panels


Four Velox post designs accommodate every combination of panel and door for a system that fits your machinery and space.

Velox by Husky - Posts


Swing and slide door options allow for the access that best fits your facility and the machinery being operated.

Velox by Husky - Doors

Delivery Protection

Our products are protected to ship well the first time. Custom, reusable heavy-duty crates prevent damage from occurring in transit, so you avoid the worry and hassle of potential delays.

Velox by Husky - Delivery Protection

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