Product Spotlight – PS Furniture Revolution Shield® Flip-Top Table

Revolution Shield

PS Furniture has partnered with Amulet® Ballistic Barriers to create the Revolution Shield®, a flip-top table that transforms into a handgun-rated shield in seconds. The product is designed to offer an immediate defensive shield in active shooter situations.

PS Furniture has launched a revolutionary handgun bulletproof table that can be transformed into a protective shield in seconds. Sudden ballistic violence can occur anywhere, and the Revolution Shield™ is a visually ordinary looking table which can provide quick protection from potential gun violence.

Coinciding with the official product launch, PS Furniture hosted a media event in Orlando, Fla., on September 28, 2021 to demonstrate the durability of the Revolution Shield™ to protect against handguns. Handguns are involved in about 78 percent of mass shootings, and this product has the potential to save lives during an active shooter situations.

Like too many areas in the country, the Orlando community has been heavily affected by gun violence in recent years, and as part of the event PS Furniture donated a table the local Orlando Police department.

Roger Clark, executive vice president of PS Furniture, says, “The Revolution Shield® is a critical investment for schools, hospitals, concert venues and other public spaces that are subject to possible mass shootings.”

This new and breakthrough product has handgun rated ballistic barriers made as a part of its table core and modesty panel. PS Furniture’s Revolution® tables are lightweight. With ballistic barrier material added, a 6’ x 24” Revolution Shield table is 20 lbs lighter than a flip-top particleboard table of the same dimension. This table is easier to move when seconds count. A cutout extended ballistic modesty panel option adds to the defensive shield when table is in the flipped position and fits snugly over the table’s metallic leg base.

PS Furniture has created flexible furniture solutions for more than 100 years, and Amulet is a leader in innovative ballistics protective technology. Their combination of expertise created the Patent pending Revolution Shield™ to transform the future of the safety space.

“The Revolution Shield foot top table is an innovative approach to adding ballistic barriers to various environments and giving the occupants a tool to use for cover in the event of an active shooter.

This lightweight mobile platform provides NIIJ level 3A protection from handguns and some shotgun rounds. Our testing at the range with typical FM J ammunition as well as law enforcement grade ammunition yielded successful stoppage of those rounds at 15 yards. 

We see this as a very effective tool in harmony with an established active shooter strategy that can save lives.”

Revolution Shield

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