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Wire shelving Guide

Wire Shelving Guide for the Meticulous Buyer

Wire shelving is a staple for basic storage in many organizations. Even though shelves often hold valuable inventory, many buyers don’t take the time to research the best shelving solution before purchasing. 

What people don’t realize is that limiting their research before buying could cost them money and time in the long run. Wire shelving has evolved into a tool made to handle specific applications and environments that can help to boost efficiency when appropriately configured for its application. 

To help explain the types of wire shelving and where to use them, we partnered with Metro. 

Intermetro Industries invented the wire shelving that has become so common around the world today. Throughout the years, Metro has been at the forefront of storage innovation in many aspects, but the company’s focus centers around shelving. 

 As the years have passed, many variations of this product have been introduced into the market to help improve storage processes. Here we will walk you through those options and some applications where they would be most beneficial. 

Wire Shelving Finishes 


First, let’s take a look at the wire shelving that you are most likely familiar with. Traditional wire shelving in chrome is used for storage in dry environments. Chrome plating provides users with a solid structure to hold their needs.


One of the most significant innovations in shelving protection was the addition of epoxy finishes. An epoxy layer protects the wire structure and can help maintain its structural integrity over time. 

Epoxy finishes come in various colors to fit the environment where the units are placed.  Some rust-resistant options are specifically designed for wet or humid environments and have a protective zinc substrate.  

These rust-resistant options also offer antimicrobial additives to help inhibit the growth of bacteria mold, and mildew added directly into the epoxy for a cleaner shelf. 

Over time, choosing epoxy for damp or humid environments will save money in replacement costs. 

Epoxy is also easy to clean and more resistant to a larger variety of cleaners. 

Stainless Steel Shelving 

Stainless steel wire shelving is the preferred material for an environment with extreme cleaning requirements such as high-temperature washing, autoclave sterilization, or fogging.  These include laboratories and healthcare environments where sanitation is crucial. 

Stainless shelving is a highly resistant material that can handle abuse from cleaners and environmental factors like humidity and temperature fluctuation.  For some facilities, stainless is a “must-have” and is a critical part of their everyday operation.


Another aspect of choosing the ideal shelving system is deciding whether wire shelving units that are also mobile meet your needs. 

Mobile shelving units or carts are a go-to solution for picking small items. Mobile shelving units can easily be turned into an efficient order-picking solution with the addition of totes and bins. 

What is unique about going to a shelving company for this solution is that you have a larger say in customizing these carts to fit the size of your facility and the needs of your picking staff. 

You are also handed a commercial-grade product that can handle the abuse of your facility. Commercial-grade shelving and casters are built to last, making it an ideal solution for an application where carts will be routinely moving around.  Casters should be at least 5” diameter for good rollability when moving through a warehouse environment. 

Specific commercial grade casters are also available in materials suitable for corrosive environments and aggressive cleaning.

Basket Shelving

If you are considering a bin system, also consider a basket shelving unit. Basket shelving can be customized with dividers to create the perfect-sized holding space for products. 

Basket shelving offers a few perks when compared to bin solutions. Its open design ensures that dust and dirt don’t build- up in the holding areas of the shelf.

Basket shelving units can be configured for both picking and storage solutions. 

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