Indoff Hates Non-Competes As Much As You Do

Non-Compete Document

Indoff Hates Non-Competes As Much As You Do

At Indoff, we pride ourselves on giving our Sales Partners the personal freedom they need to
be successful. Providing back-office support such as marketing, billing, and IT support are just a
few of the benefits we offer to give our Outside Sales Partners the freedom to focus on what they
do best. However, nothing prevents such freedom in this industry as much as Non-Compete
Clauses, and at Indoff, we’re just as sick of them as you are.

A Non-Compete Clause is traditionally a section of employment contracts under which an
employee agrees not to start or join a competitor to their current employer. The backlash to such
clauses, particularly in recent years, has been fierce. In March of 2019, a petition was filed to the
Federal Trade Commission by the influential antitrust awareness organization Open Markets
Institute. This group has been demanding that these clauses be banned. Moreover, despite their
notable unpopularity, Non-Compete Clauses are prevalent among U. S. employers. According to
the Open Markets Institute’s research, an estimated one in five U.S. workers (roughly 30
million), is restricted by one.

However, at Indoff, we don’t believe in Non-Compete Clauses. As one of our Sales Partners,
you will never have to worry about being restricted by one, because we recognize that your
customer base belongs to you. If any situation arises that would cause you to leave Indoff, your
customers would go with you, though we highly doubt that you’ll ever want to.
Ultimately, we are always looking to hire experienced, dedicated outside sales professionals.
Indoff is devoted to fostering an environment in which our Sales Partners can provide personal,
attentive service for their clients and never have to worry about the burdensome worry of

If you are interested in learning more about an employer who will respect and encourage your
freedom as a sales professional, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for more information.

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