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Product Spotlight: Gondola Train’s Pallet Rack Mover

Time is Valuable

We understand how you spend your time is essential to how your projects operate.  The PRM – Pallet Rack Mover is the perfect solution to keep your timeline on target and your budget under cost.  Gondola Train delivers the safest and most stable pallet rack moving equipment in the market all while delivering it with the service you deserve.

The PRM is designed to move an entire rack assembly as one unit rather than breaking it down to individual pieces.  The system includes a variety of mounting brackets and safety adaptors to make each kit customizable to your specific project.

Reach out to Gondola Train today with any questions about how we can help get your projects rolling!

Jim Malkus

Jim joined Indoff in 1988 after spending 5 years at Ernst & Young, where he specialized in audit and accounting for privately-held businesses. Jim is responsible for the day-to-day management of Indoff.

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