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Vendor Case Study: Fey Promo #3845 Writing Pad

Grey Writing Pad from Fey Products
Fey Promo Cover

A Writing Pad Case Study


A University Alumni Association


To give prospective students a gift to influence the educational planning process and choice.


A University Alumni Association wanted to take a more active role in new student recruiting. They determined that the best time to reach out to prospective students would be when the students came for a campus tour.  The Alumni Association wanted a product that would represent the university’s branding as well as be useful to the student.  The product selected was the #3845 Standard Writing Pad.  The prospective students would be able to utilize the writing pad while taking notes on the tour.  In addition, the writing pad would reinforce the university branding once the student returned home. Each of the prospective students was given one of the university branded folders with their information packets when they checked in for their tours.


This US Made standard writing pad is constructed from a choice of available colors in standard, executive or premium materials.  The inside of the writing pad consists of a black liner as well as a black diagonal inside pocket for holding valuable papers.  Other standard features include a vinyl pen loop (pen not included) and a ruled micro-perfed full size note pad.  Additional accessories are available to complete a personalized writing pad to meet the needs of the client.  The standard decoration method is Hotstamp.  For full-color branding message, ColorVast® Full-Color optional decoration method is also available.  This product is manufactured in a domestic QCA Accredited facility.


The writing pad was the perfect product for the campus branding to give an elite feel that the campus wanted to portray.  The campus tour guides reported that many students were taking notes in the folders as they went along through their day or two on the campus. The alumni association has been ordering the folders for three years.


Convention Planners, Non-profit Organizations, Universities, Colleges, Recruitment of Employees or Students, Onboarding of Employees or Students

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