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Products For Warehouses and Manufacturing

Being able to maintain an adequate distance between workers will be essential for a safe reopening. One of the issues facing warehouses and manufacturing plants is that many employees don’t have an assigned area where they can be segregated from others. To do their job they need to have access to multiple areas on the floor. An Indoff Sales Representative can help you develop a plan to accommodate your unique situations. 

  • Protective Barriers
  • Isolation Booths
  • Signage & Mats
  • Medical Shelving / Carts
  • Driver’s Cages
  • Anti-Microbial Shelving

Be Smart When You Restart

There isn’t a foolproof plan for the best way for your business to restart operations. The only certainty is that the way we did things just a few short months ago won’t be how we do it now. Maybe one day we can get back to “our normal,” but for now, ensuring workers are protected means we must make sure we have done everything in our power to make them safe. An Indoff Sales Representative has hundreds of products that they can assist with that can help accomplish this goal. Besides, they have years of expertise in the business, so they understand your needs.

A local Indoff Sales Representative can provide you with more details on the following types of safety products for warehouses and manufacturing plants.
Panel Dividers | Panel Extenders | Protective Barriers – Mounted, Fixed, Hanging & Freestanding | Driver’s Cages | Workstation Protection Panels | Wellness Screens | Patient Care Tents | Signage | Mats | Isolation Booths | Assessment Booths | Temporary Modular Walls | Personal Safety Barriers

Signage and Mats

To help keep workers or customers safely distanced from one another, signage and floor matting provide the perfect solution for companies.

Indoff has multiple sources that we work with to offer our customers several applications that are easy to install. Many of these products can also be customized with your logo so that not only are they informational, but they increase your brand awareness at the same time.

Cleanroom Design/Build

A flexible, cost-efficient, and fast way to add space to
your warehouse or manufacturing plant.

• Variety of panel types, windows, and doors
• Freestanding or Floor to Ceiling available

Medical Shelving and Carts

Indoff has a number of options for medial shelving
and carts for cleanrooms and other applications

• Built-in anti-microbial protection available on certain products

Protective Barriers

If you need to keep employees separated in close quarters,
Protective Barriers are a great option to employ.

Shield Against Airborne Containments
Minimally Intrusive Design
Easy to Clean & Safe to Use
Easy to Install.

Healthcare Assessment Booths

Single unit or multiple units available. Healthcare assessment booths provide personal protected space for workers or customers for healthcare screenings and transactional or one-to-one activities.

Wholesale Business Supplies

Shape your business while saving your time.

Talk with a representative to see how Indoff can save you time and money on your next project.

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