Office Cleaning & Sanitation Best Practices

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Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is crucial for the health, safety, and well-being of employees and visitors alike. In today’s world, where hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities, implementing effective office cleaning solutions and best practices is more important than ever. From bathrooms to offices, warehouses to waiting rooms, every area of your facility requires attention to detail and adherence to recommended protocols. In this guide, we’ll explore the best practices for office cleaning and sanitation, along with Indoff’s range of sanitation products tailored to meet the needs of businesses across various industries.

Understanding the Importance of Office Cleaning and Sanitation

Before diving into specific cleaning solutions and practices, it’s essential to understand why office cleaning and sanitation are so critical. A clean and sanitary workspace not only promotes a healthier environment but also boosts employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being. Furthermore, with the ongoing threat of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation protocols is vital for preventing the spread of illness and protecting the health of everyone in the workplace.

CDC Recommendations for Office Cleaning and Sanitation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides guidelines and recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting various types of facilities, including offices. Some key recommendations include:

  1. Frequent Cleaning and Disinfection: Regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, desks, phones, keyboards, and countertops. Use EPA-approved disinfectants and follow manufacturer instructions for proper use and contact time.
  2. Proper Hand Hygiene: Encourage employees to practice good hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the office for easy access.
  3. Enhanced Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in office spaces to improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne transmission of respiratory viruses. Consider opening windows, using air purifiers, and maintaining HVAC systems regularly.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Provide appropriate PPE, such as face masks and gloves, for employees who need them, especially in areas where physical distancing may be challenging. Educate employees on proper PPE use and disposal.

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Tackling the Tough Stuff: Cleaning Tricky Surfaces with Ease

While maintaining clean and sanitary office spaces is essential, some surfaces pose unique challenges when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. Upholstery, carpets, concrete floors, and other porous materials require special attention and tailored cleaning solutions to ensure thorough disinfection and removal of dirt, stains, and odors.


Upholstered furniture adds comfort and style to office spaces but can quickly become breeding grounds for dirt, dust, and allergens. To clean upholstery effectively:

  • Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Spot clean stains promptly using a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner.
  • Use a fabric disinfectant spray to kill germs and bacteria on the surface.
  • Consider professional upholstery cleaning services for deep cleaning and restoration of heavily soiled or stained furniture.


Carpets trap dirt, dust, and allergens deep within their fibers, making regular cleaning essential for maintaining indoor air quality and preventing the spread of germs. Here’s how to clean carpets effectively:

  • Vacuum carpets daily to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Use a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner to deep clean carpets periodically, focusing on high-traffic areas and stains.
  • Apply a carpet disinfectant spray to kill bacteria and viruses lurking in the fibers.
  • Consider professional carpet cleaning services for thorough deep cleaning and stain removal.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are durable and easy to maintain but can harbor dirt, grime, and stains if not cleaned regularly. To clean concrete floors effectively:

  • Sweep or vacuum floors to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Mop floors with a neutral pH cleaner or concrete degreaser to remove stains and buildup.
  • Use a scrub brush or floor scrubber for stubborn stains or heavily soiled areas.
  • Apply a concrete sealer or wax to protect the surface and make future cleaning easier.

Other Tricky Surfaces

In addition to upholstery, carpets, and concrete floors, other surfaces in the office may require special attention when it comes to cleaning and sanitation:

  • Electronics: Use electronics-safe disinfectant wipes or sprays to clean keyboards, monitors, and other electronic devices.
  • Glass: Use a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean glass surfaces, such as windows, doors, and partitions.
  • Stainless Steel: Use a stainless steel cleaner or vinegar solution to clean and polish stainless steel surfaces, such as appliances and fixtures.
  • Wood: Use a wood cleaner or polish to clean and condition wood surfaces, such as desks, tables, and cabinets.

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment requires attention to detail and the right cleaning solutions for every surface. With Indoff’s range of sanitation products and other facility solutions, tackling tough cleaning challenges has never been easier.

Tailored Sanitation Solutions from Indoff

At Indoff, we understand every business has unique cleaning and sanitation needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of office sanitation products designed to fit the requirements of different industries and facilities. Whether you’re looking for disinfectants, hand sanitizers, cleaning tools, or personal protective equipment, we have you covered.

We offer a variety of disinfectant cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners for bathrooms to keep restroom facilities clean and odor-free. Our selection of EPA-approved disinfectants eliminates germs and bacteria, providing peace of mind for employees and visitors alike.

In office spaces, our range of surface disinfectants and sanitizing wipes make it easy to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Our products are formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and viruses on hard surfaces, including desks, tables, and equipment.

We offer heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers to tackle tough messes and spills in warehouses and industrial facilities. Our industrial-strength disinfectants are suitable for high-traffic areas and provide long-lasting protection against harmful pathogens.

In waiting rooms and reception areas, our hand sanitizer stations and touchless dispensers offer convenient access to hand hygiene products, promoting a safer and healthier environment for employees and visitors.

Elevate Your Office Cleaning and Sanitation Practices with Indoff

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is essential for the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in the office. By following CDC recommendations and implementing effective cleaning and sanitation protocols, businesses can create a healthier and more productive work environment. With Indoff’s range of sanitation products and solutions, you can elevate your office cleaning practices and ensure the cleanliness and safety of your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our sanitation products and how we can help you maintain a clean and healthy workspace.

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