Look Out for These Commercial Interior Trends in 2023

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It’s a new year, so it’s fitting that we take a moment to anticipate the trends that will dominate the commercial interior design space in the coming months. The team at Indoff believes commercial interior spaces will be defined by two overarching goals: productivity and sustainability. Let’s take a closer look at how these goals will affect design choices in 2023.


Office design trends for the past decade tended to revolve around space efficiency; with real estate prices at a premium, eking out the biggest bang for the smallest footprint was definitely the goal. But recently, the focus of office design has pivoted decidedly towards productivity. The result is practical, functional spaces that support employees in their efforts to concentrate, collaborate, create, and communicate.

To that end, here are the specific trends you’ll see aimed at productivity:

A Variety of Spaces

The past model of cubicles and conference rooms is a thing of the past. Today’s workspaces acknowledge the need for private and public areas. In addition to the standard cubicles, offices, and large conference rooms, many offices also incorporate smaller collaboration areas where folks can gather to work together. Break rooms are also being designed with collaboration in mind; comfortable spaces invite coworkers to gather, linger, and deliberate. Outdoor work areas are also becoming more popular; giving your team a comfortable space to work outside, whether on a patio or rooftop, increases your use of your available space and offers another work area to boost creativity.

A variety of spaces plus options such as standing desks, lounge areas, and other departures from the traditional desk and chair allow everyone to find a workplace that works for them today. These are spaces your employees want to be. And, where they are comfortable, they are productive.

Lots of Tech

In order for offices to work effectively, they must be able to accommodate tech. It’s not enough to offer seating and a table; workspaces also need plenty of outlets to power a myriad of devices, ample lighting for virtual work calls, and surfaces that are good for many uses. No one will ever use the space if there’s no place to charge a phone or laptop.

Hybrid Work

Many folks are choosing hybrid work models that allow for flexibility. These hybrid models change the way your workspace works. Instead of each employee being assigned their own cubicle, many offices build individual and shared workstations. This means employees choose where to work daily – home, a private workstation, or a collaborative space.


Sustainable designs in commercial interiors are at the forefront of many 2023 trends. Here are just a few examples:


There are many ways offices are choosing to improve their efficiency, including the following:

  • Appliances. Refrigerators, microwaves, water coolers, vending machines, printers, and many other appliances and devices commonly found in offices are being upgraded to energy-efficient models.
  • Upcycling. Furniture and other office accouterments are being made from recycled materials. In addition, businesses are finding ways to use furniture and fixtures they already own in new and modern ways.
  • Recycling. More and more offices are implementing recycling policies for everything, including paper, toner cartridges, food waste, and more.
  • Paperless Policies. Modern businesses are getting more creative about reducing and eliminating the need for paper.
  • Break Room Waste. Offices choose to reduce waste by offering dishwashers in break rooms that make it easier to eliminate single-use paper and plastic products.
  • LED Lighting. LED lighting is significantly more efficient than traditional lighting. Businesses are either choosing to install or retrofit energy-efficient lighting throughout their spaces to reduce their energy consumption.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is certainly a 2023 buzzword in the world of commercial interiors. The use of plants in your workspace purifies the air and boosts mood and productivity. Enhancing the look of your space with biophilic options is a much more sustainable approach to interior design than standard disposable knickknacks and accessories. The catch here is cost; while biophilic office design is trendy, the cost is holding back many offices from making the shift. We expect to see a lot of innovation in this area as creative folks look to develop cost-effective ways to bring the outside in.

Organic Materials

Businesses are making efforts to move towards organic materials such as wood and stone in their designs. These materials are beautiful, functional and can really help create a healthy, restful atmosphere.

Green Clean

The health of your team is important, but so is the planet’s health. The market is full of effective and sustainable cleaning products. Choosing products made from biodegradable, non-toxic materials will help you keep things clean and green.

Smart Tech

“When not in use, turn off the juice.” (Did anyone else’s dad endlessly recite this phrase, or is that just me?) It sounds simple, but in a big office, turning everything off at night or when not being used is anything but. Implementing smart tech like motion-sensing lights will help your office make every dad’s dream come true.

Small changes can make a big impact on the sustainability of your space.

Is Your Space Ready for 2023?

Is your office ready for 2023? Whether you’re interested in a full office design or simply looking to add some modern upgrades to your workplace, Indoff is ready to help. Search our commercial interior brochure for more ideas for improving productivity and sustainability, and then speak to your local Indoff partner about how to get started. Don’t wait too long and let the year pass you by; get started now to make your office the best it can be for the new year.

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