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September Vendor Spotlight: Hon

Inspired by practicality and invested in understanding the needs of its customers, The HON Company strives to establish meaningful connections resulting in product solutions and customer support that exceed market demands. As a leading designer and manufacturer of workplace furniture including chairs, storage, panel systems, tables and desks, HON’s commitment to serving its customers is […]

The Elevator Speech Gets a Makeover

Most of us have heard of the “elevator speech”. It’s a very short blurb, usually about 30 seconds to a minute, introduction about yourself and what you do. Everyone from college students to established professionals tend to use this, in some form, when they meet new people, prospects, and contacts. An elevator speech usually starts […]

Tips For Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business can be daunting. There is so much to take into consideration. Since I, personally, don’t have any first-hand experience on opening and running my own business for the first time I will take you through an interesting article I found on the subject. The article is from Young Entrepreneur and goes […]

Indoff Voted One of the Best Places to Work

We are pleased to announce that Indoff has been named one of the best places to work in 2012 by Counselor magazine! We have made this list for the last four years and hope to continue our climb to number one. This list is compiled of companies that have highly satisfied employees. These employees believe […]

Do You Use Social Media Responsibly?

Social media is powerful. There is no question about it. It can literally break a company or public figure if used the wrong way. An article, found on, explains how social media keeps people, especially company leaders honest. Companies with a social media presence have to be especially careful since sites like Facebook and […]

Are You Partner Material?

So far we have talked about interesting articles, Indoff’s Vendors, and a little on what Indoff is all about. Some people who aren’t familiar with Indoff may wonder just how we get such great additions to our sales team. We refer to our sales team as our Sales Partners because we see these people as […]

Indoff’s 2012 National Sales Meeting Update

Indoff’s National Sales Meeting is only 7 weeks away! This year we are expecting just over 150 of our Sales Partners and over 100 Vendors at the meeting. We are excited to welcome back some familiar faces as well as introduce some new ones to the Indoff family. This year, we will be holding the […]

August Vendor Spotlight: Claridge

Claridge has been in business for over 60 years.  Located with the main manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters in Harrison, AR, Claridge is a privately held woman-owned company. Unlike many manufacturers in the visual display industry, Claridge manufactures from raw materials. This allows them to control quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process and work with their clients on […]

Can Email Marketing Make a Comeback?

There are so many ways to advertise these days. Companies spend millions of dollars to get their name and product into the hands of their targeted customers. Television ads, direct mail, and print ads are just a few of the coveted outlets. There is one source of marketing, however, that many companies forget about or […]

Why Should You Do Business with Indoff?

Indoff may be made up of hundreds of experienced Sales Partners, but that is not our only characteristic. We have the privilege to work with thousands of quality Vendors in each of our five divisions.  Our Vendors are part of the reason why Indoff has grown to be such a strong company. They support our Partners […]

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