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Social Madness!

With almost one billion users on Facebook, it would be wrong for a company to not have an active Facebook account. Just think, that is almost one billion people who could potentially become YOUR customer. Social Madness is supporting the social media craze all over the United States. It is a competition divided into three […]

Way To Go IT!!

It takes more than one person to run a company. In fact, it takes a team of people, dedication, and a lot of responsibility. If there is a problem, you have to find a solution and if there isn’t a solution, you better create one. Recently a member of the Indoff family ran into a […]

NeoCon 2012

What is NeoCon all about? It is a large group of extremely talented designers coming together to show people the cutting-edge styles and trends for that year. It is a chance for sales people and students alike to step into a showroom and experience a designer’s vision and learn what everyone from business-owners to home-owners […]

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