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Vendor Product Spotlight: SanMar

Our next Vendor Product Spotlight features one of our many Promotional Products Vendors – SanMar. SanMar is an award-winning supplier of 17 retail, private label and mill brands. They supply apparel and accessories to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers, industrial launderers and more – whether they are outfitting a Fortune 500 corporation […]

Vendor Product Spotlight: Smead

We are starting something new! Indoff works with thousands of Vendors and we think it’s about time we show off just how awesome they really are! Going forward we are going to have weekly spotlights featuring a Vendor and one of their more popular products. Our first Vendor is one of our Business Products Vendors […]

Mending Broken Ties

The key factor in any business model is the company’s ability to build relationships with current and potential customers. After all, if there isn’t anyone willing to do business with you, chances are your company won’t stay afloat for very long. The majority of the time, customer and client transactions occur without any issues, but […]

The Marketing Hourglass

The idea of the of the marketing funnel is practiced in many businesses. It’ s the process of filling the funnel with potential leads using advertising and promotions and pushing the potential customers through the bottom. While it is good to practice, the people at Duct Tape Marketing have found a new, and possibly better, […]

The Big Six

Are you looking to re-do or add to your social media mix in 2014? Take a look at this infographic – from social spark – for a summary of the “Big Six” of 2013. These six sites were the most visited and active social sites last year. By the looks of it, it doesn’t look […]

B2B: Going Social

With the majority of people interacting on social media daily, it is a no-brainer for companies to get involved and communicate with their customers socially. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a playground for many companies. Not only can they gain important customer data, but they can offer discounts, promotions and maybe even spark […]

The Benefits of Promotional Products

Using promotional products is one of the best marketing tools that both you and your company can use. It not only draws attention to your company, but it can open the lines of communication by giving the recipient a way to remember and contact you when they are in need of a certain product. In […]

The Last Installment of Our Ergonomic FAQs!

Take a look at our last infographic on Ergonomics!

Our Third Ergonomic FAQ!

This week’s ergonomic FAQ is about lighting! Check out the infographic below!

Another Ergonomic FAQ

Here is the second installment of our Ergonomic FAQs!

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