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Becoming Smarter Through Daily Activities

For many, being “smart” is a desirable, personal characteristic. Whether it’s on pricey textbooks or top of the line education, we tend to spend countless hours and dollars trying to learn as much as we can. But what if we could do things, as a part of our daily routine, that could increase our smarts […]

Increasing Webpage Traffic

When someone starts a business or a service, one of their first instincts may be to get some sort of online presence. Most will decide to start a company website where they will spend countless hours getting it “just right”. Unfortunately, though, looks aren’t everything. Making your website searchable, no matter what the website is […]

Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking From WWMH

Manufacturing has never been so efficient. Think back. Even twenty or thirty years ago, the processes we had in place were solely based on low costs and high speeds. Today, safety and accomplishing tasks with both urgency and quality in mind is how most of us want our businesses to operate. Pallet racking in the […]

Partner Meet & Greet: Keith Harris

Meet Keith Harris! Keith is a part of Indoff’s Promotional Products division. Get to know more about Keith from the questions below!   –What is one of your career goals for 2013? To be more successful in my business than in 2012.     -If you could live anywhere in the world, no strings attached, where […]

Vendor Spotlight: Strong Hold

In 1993, we set out to design the ultimate industrial storage product. Our vision was to manufacture a product capable of withstanding the treatment common to an industrial environment. Included in this vision was the need to securely store heavy tools and valuables. Strong Hold Products is the realization of this vision. Our storage cabinets, […]

Vendor Spotlight: Liqui-Mark

For over 38 years LIQUI-MARK has been a manufacturer and importer of high quality, innovative writing and drawing instruments. LIQUI-MARK was started in 1974 in Brooklyn, NY by Stuart Goodelman. He built the business by manufacturing private label markers and pens to some of the country’s largest mass marketers of the day. By 1985 he […]

Vendor Product Spotlight: Tombow Has Gone Green!

More and more companies are stepping up and going green. With landfills overflowing and global warming becoming a bigger issue, their efforts couldn’t have come at a better time. These companies are doing everything from producing safer cleaning solutions to redesigning a best-selling item to include recyclable components. One company in particular is contributing to […]

May Vendor Spotlight: OFM

OFM began in 1995 when Abel Zalcberg, a furniture-industry veteran, realized there was an opportunity in the marketplace for a company that could have faster delivery times by keeping inventory in stock.  Using personal savings, he and his wife Barbara set up an office in their home, printed up a catalog and sold chairs from […]

Vendor Spotlight: Neutral Posture

In 1989 the mother/daughter team of Jaye Congleton and Rebecca Congleton Boenigk recognized an opportunity to manufacture and distribute Dr. Jerome Congleton’s concept for the Neutral Posture chair. Congleton’s ground-breaking research on a seating system that would support the neutral body posture, discovered by NASA, was the cumulative result of both a distinguished U.S. Air […]

Steps To Successfully Update Your Profile

Do you have a personal or company profile on a site like Facebook or Twitter, but haven’t had the time to get involved with it or are new to the social media scene all together? Think of your profile as if it were an actual person. From time to time, we all need to take […]

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