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Vendor Video: Via Seating

Product Spotlight: iClick

RIP Headphone Jacks Headphone jacks have left the building. But that’s fine with us because Bluetooth headphones are better than ever before. They have built-in controls, microphones, and longer battery lives. Wired earbuds will always have a place in our hearts. But they don’t offer the same imprint area that you’ll get with a Bluetooth […]

Inside Indoff – September 2019 Edition

Be sure to check out our newest edition of the Indoff Insider!

The Stanley Cup Pays a Visit to Indoff!

Some days it really does pay to come to the office. On Thursday, September 5, 2019, Indoff Inc. played host to the Stanley Cup. The trophy, which was awarded to the 2019 champion St. Louis Blues Hockey Club, spent the afternoon posing with Indoff employees. It was a great afternoon for the company and a […]

Product Spotlight: Reed Premiere

Under Lighting That’s Above All With five lengths and interlinking capabilities, Reed Premier creates customized lighting solutions for any space. Designed to attach directly beneath underbin cabinetry, its slim profile mounts effortlessly below cabinets and shelving to provide superb quality illumination exactly where it’s needed. Its multiple energy-saving components include an automatic shut-off feature, optional […]

Vendor Video: Berner Air Curtains

Berner Air Curtains are changing the way businesses save energy by stopping air from leaking out as their doors open and close repeatedly throughout the day. Additionally, Berner Air Curtains can improve operations and comfort by ensuring rooms stay comfortable for employees and equipment during the hot summer months and freezing winter season. They even […]

Vendor Video: Fellowes

Indoff Gives an E-Commerce Edge in an Amazon World

Why Personal Selling Still Matters in the Business Products industry Indoff has always prided itself on having sales Partners who foster a solid relationship with their clients. As a matter of fact, a loyal customer base is one of the things the recruiting department is looking for when we interview prospects. However, due to the […]

Product Spotlight: Cap America

The new One-Size Cap from Cap America is a one-size fits most stretch fit mesh back cap designed to answer the sizing issue that most fitted caps present. This cap features a stretchable trucker mesh and a moisture wicking sweatband for ultimate comfort. The heathered poly/spandex front offers a stylish look as well as UV […]

Vendor Product: Maverick Height Adjustable Desk

Check out the NEW Height Adjustable Desk available within the Maverick and Canyon series. Now you can have all of the benefits of the height-adjustable desk with a more executive feel. The peds are built out to accommodate the three-stage, dual-motor base, which is available in silver, black and white. Custom sizing is available through […]

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