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Vendor Video: Maxon Furniture DeXTR gets its name from its dexterity – the ability to use space skillfully. With the modern design, mixed material options, footed storage as well as supporting open O-leg, full laminate or angled leg design, that helps achieve aesthetic scaling. A new portfolio of modular options that inspires designers to rethink how the private […]

Product Spotlight: Garyline RP20

20 oz. Recycled PETE Bottle with Push Pull Lid The RP20 sports bottle is molded from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled material. Post-Consumer means this bottle was out in the world as something else, perhaps a soda or water bottle. We purchased recycled material that has been sanitized and we are now the only supplier in our […]

Vendor Video: Berner Air Curtains

An air curtain (or air door) is a machine that blows a controlled stream of air across an opening to create an air seal, which separates different environments while allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic and unobstructed vision through the opening.

Vendor Video: Pro Towels

Office Coffee: 3 Things to Consider When Buying Your Product

When you think of an office, what pops into your head? The symphony of thousands of clicks and clacks on computers? The smells of paper and rubber bands? Maybe it’s the harmonic sounds of copy machines and telephones? It all may depend on what kind of office you work in but what is certain is […]

Inside Indoff – June 2019 Edition

The June edition of Inside Indoff is now live – you can find the direct link here!

Vendor Product: Special T – Liberty Table

Liberty Electric is a streamlined table filled with features for versatility to optimize an array of work environments. Exceptional value backed by 10 year parts and labor warranty, dual motors and three metal finishes makes it the industry’s #1 choice for sit-to-stand table. Dual Electric Motor System Pre-Assembled Base Up/Down Switch Multiple Desk Shapes to […]

Vendor Video: Screenflex

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers roll on self-leveling casters making it easy to divide space. Tackable walls offer plenty of display surface. The acoustical core creates quieter environments.

Vendor Video: NewHeights by RightAngle

Energy Solutions Case Study: Pond Cove IGA

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