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Indoff Celebrates at the 2019 Holiday Party!

Another successful year and another happy party to go along with all the holiday festivities! We are all so privileged to be part of such a special company. Congratulations to Randee Walsh for his exemplary work this year which landed him the coveted and heartfelt Marjie Vorel award! Congratulations and applause were also awarded for […]

Indoff Partner Darrin Wicks and Unex Team Up!

UNEX Steel Rollers Help Automotive Supplier ‘Knuckle Down’ and Continue to Deliver Parts on Time and on Track A fast-paced facility is on a roll with an upgraded carton flow area equipped with heavy duty SpanTrack steel roller lanes. Workers at a thriving Indiana facility deliver 6,500 parts each workday to a major car and […]

Product Spotlight: AmpliVox

AmpliVox Coventry Lectern 3030 Series: Complete Presentation Command Center Conveying an image of prestige and success is critical when you’re a leader and nothing conveys success like the AmpliVox Conventry wood lectern. This elegant lectern proudly displays its beautiful hardwood veneer and has features that make it a spacious multimedia command center for all your […]

Vendor Video: Starline

Gift giving season has arrived and what better way to show you care than to print a loving and caring message on to a bottle or bag that your loved ones will use daily. Full-color designs, multiple lid colors, and fully customizable messaging. Reach out to your Local Indoff Promotional Products Partner today for additional […]

Case Study: Indoff + AIS help create new offices for LaForce

LaForce had grown and they were beginning to become lost in a mess of loose cables around the office. They were in need of a well thought out design to increase employee productivity while creating a consistant look to their offices that could be carried our nationwide. Download the full case study to learn more […]

Inside Indoff – November 2019 Edition

Product Showcase: Crystal D

Indoff Understands the Benefits of Working Remotely

The nature of work is changing, and Indoff is ahead of the curve. Working remotely has burst into the mainstream in recent years, with employees and employers alike beginning to reconsider the rigidity of the traditional, office-based working environment.       The degree to which remote work has expanded is remarkable, and it is not difficult to […]

Indoff Assures Stability Regardless of Economic Uncertainty

While the American economy is currently strong, a growing number of signs indicate that this recent boom may soon reach its end. Since mid-2019, the fear of a potential recession has loomed over financial analysts, and there are numerous factors in play that could bring the recent economic growth to an unexpected stop.      While an […]

Vendor Case Study: Berner Air Curtains

Engineers’ Novel Rollup Doors Retrofit with Air Doors Stops Plant’s Flying Insect Ingress When federal and international sanitary inspections mandated flying insect infiltration reductions at a California pharmaceutical manufacturing plant’s four shipping doors, project engineers started thinking far outside the box to save the facility more than $75,000 in necessary door retrofit costs. The inspectors’ retrofit […]

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