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Vendor Video: Harper Trucks

As the world’s largest manufacturer of hand trucks, Harper makes one of every three such trucks sold in the United States. With 2500 distributors in North America, Harper is now positioned to enter the international marketplace full-force. The company has been achieving routine annual growth of 20% and more, thanks to direct factory representation of […]

Vendor Video: Crystal D

Are you getting prepared for awards at the end of the year? Maybe you are planning ahead for next year? Crystal D offers breathtaking award designs that your recipients are sure to be proud of. If you’re really looking for that “WOW Effect” Contact your Indoff Promotional Products Partner today for additional information.

Vendor Video: Connectrac Testimonial

Connectrac offers companies an award-winning product that helps keep offices extremely clean looking while providing safety and versatility. Don’t believe us? Just listen to what OpenSquare has to say about their product. When you’re ready to upgrade your business, contact your Local Indoff Commercial Interiors Partner to learn how quickly we can install a system […]

Vendor Video: Pro Towels – Cabin Throw

Winter is coming! Be sure to order your new cabin throw blankets from your local Indoff Promotional Products Partner before you find yourself out in the cold.

Vendor Video: Via Seating

Vendor Video: Berner Air Curtains

Berner Air Curtains are changing the way businesses save energy by stopping air from leaking out as their doors open and close repeatedly throughout the day. Additionally, Berner Air Curtains can improve operations and comfort by ensuring rooms stay comfortable for employees and equipment during the hot summer months and freezing winter season. They even […]

Vendor Video: Fellowes

Vendor Video: Maxon Furniture DeXTR gets its name from its dexterity – the ability to use space skillfully. With the modern design, mixed material options, footed storage as well as supporting open O-leg, full laminate or angled leg design, that helps achieve aesthetic scaling. A new portfolio of modular options that inspires designers to rethink how the private […]

Vendor Video: Berner Air Curtains

An air curtain (or air door) is a machine that blows a controlled stream of air across an opening to create an air seal, which separates different environments while allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic and unobstructed vision through the opening.

Vendor Video: Pro Towels

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