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Indoff Partner Darrin Wicks and Unex Team Up!

UNEX Steel Rollers Help Automotive Supplier ‘Knuckle Down’ and Continue to Deliver Parts on Time and on Track A fast-paced facility is on a roll with an upgraded carton flow area equipped with heavy duty SpanTrack steel roller lanes. Workers at a thriving Indiana facility deliver 6,500 parts each workday to a major car and […]

Vendor Case Study: Berner Air Curtains

Engineers’ Novel Rollup Doors Retrofit with Air Doors Stops Plant’s Flying Insect Ingress When federal and international sanitary inspections mandated flying insect infiltration reductions at a California pharmaceutical manufacturing plant’s four shipping doors, project engineers started thinking far outside the box to save the facility more than $75,000 in necessary door retrofit costs. The inspectors’ retrofit […]

Vendor Case Study: Aurora – Municipal Law Enforcement

Municipal Police Department When an Illinois Police Department constructed a new building they chose an Aurora Mobile system to house evidence such as impounded handguns and long guns, confiscated drugs, money, clothing, and records for each police investigation. The new Aurora Mobile system has selective security and plenty of room for future expansion. Their powered […]

Vendor Case Study: Aurora – Sheriff’s Department

The Challenge The Kane County Sheriff’s Department planned to move to a new multistory facility in Geneva, Illinois, that would house both the department and county jail. The Sheriff’s Department had a severe space shortage in its old facility. Department members resorted to locking essential high-security items in vacant jail cells to cope with the […]

Vendor Case Study: Aurora – Athletic Storage

Waubonsee Community College, as part of its College Master Plan, wanted to prepare for changes in local demographics that would affect the school. Research predicted dramatic growth in population leading to an increase in college enrollments and overall community usage through 2020 and beyond. Among the five new buildings included in the Master Plan was […]

Vendor Case Study: Symbiote

Translational Research Lab Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering (VISE) Laboratory, Nashville, TN Introduction The research center and support workshops surround a transparent mock-operating room, all part of VISE’s high visibility lab design. The open lab (above) showcases height adjustable 4-Legged Tables (1,000 lb. load rating) with aesthetically pleasing and durable, solid Maple “Butcherblock” surfaces. […]

Vendor Case Study: Aurora – Public Library

Aurora Storage Products completed a large-scale storage project at the Santori Aurora Public Library in Aurora, Illinois. The new public library more than doubled in size from the old land locked library. It incorporates a digital media center with state-of-the-art information technology, a Family Computer Lab, 3-D Printer, Laptop Bar and Genealogy Research Center. Aurora […]

Vendor Case Study: Berner

Winery to save $20,000 annually with Berner Air Curtains Background – employees ask for warmer working conditions: Royal Wine, the world’s leading kosher winemaker, began to receive requests from their employees at their processing and distribution centers for warmer shipping areas during the winter months. Sub-freezing days near open shipping doors would require heavy clothing, […]

Product Spotlight: Crystal D

Vendor Case Study: Spanco

Wall-Mounted Jib Crane Provides Full Machining Coverage without Sacrificing Valuable Floor Space Overview Starr Machining, Inc. is an Ohio based machining facility that currently owns and operates 11 CNC lathes and seven CNC mills. Additionally, the facility provides center and center-less grinding, welding, fabrication, and plate burning as a subcontractor to meet their customers’ unique […]

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