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Indoff Understands the Benefits of Working Remotely

The nature of work is changing, and Indoff is ahead of the curve. Working remotely has burst into the mainstream in recent years, with employees and employers alike beginning to reconsider the rigidity of the traditional, office-based working environment.       The degree to which remote work has expanded is remarkable, and it is not difficult to […]

Indoff Assures Stability Regardless of Economic Uncertainty

While the American economy is currently strong, a growing number of signs indicate that this recent boom may soon reach its end. Since mid-2019, the fear of a potential recession has loomed over financial analysts, and there are numerous factors in play that could bring the recent economic growth to an unexpected stop.      While an […]

Spooky Fun at the Indoff Corporate Office

Indoff recently had a pumpkin decorating contest and we dressed up in spirit of Halloween! We hope you all enjoy our fabulous creations and have a great holiday! Indoff Costumes Photoshopped Pumpkins Original Pumpkin Photos

Indoff Hates Non-Competes as Much as You Do

     At Indoff, we pride ourselves on giving our Sales Partners the personal freedom they need to be successful. Providing back-office support such as marketing, billing, and IT support are just a few of the benefits we offer to give our Outside Sales Partners the freedom to focus on what they do best. However, nothing prevents […]

Energy Solutions Case Study: Maine Paint

Inside Indoff – September 2019 Edition

Be sure to check out our newest edition of the Indoff Insider!

The Stanley Cup Pays a Visit to Indoff!

Some days it really does pay to come to the office. On Thursday, September 5, 2019, Indoff Inc. played host to the Stanley Cup. The trophy, which was awarded to the 2019 champion St. Louis Blues Hockey Club, spent the afternoon posing with Indoff employees. It was a great afternoon for the company and a […]

Indoff Gives an E-Commerce Edge in an Amazon World

Why Personal Selling Still Matters in the Business Products industry Indoff has always prided itself on having sales Partners who foster a solid relationship with their clients. As a matter of fact, a loyal customer base is one of the things the recruiting department is looking for when we interview prospects. However, due to the […]

Inside Indoff – June 2019 Edition

The June edition of Inside Indoff is now live – you can find the direct link here!

Energy Solutions Case Study: Pond Cove IGA

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