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Tips For Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business can be daunting. There is so much to take into consideration. Since I, personally, don’t have any first-hand experience on opening and running my own business for the first time I will take you through an interesting article I found on the subject. The article is from Young Entrepreneur and goes […]

Do You Use Social Media Responsibly?

Social media is powerful. There is no question about it. It can literally break a company or public figure if used the wrong way. An article, found on, explains how social media keeps people, especially company leaders honest. Companies with a social media presence have to be especially careful since sites like Facebook and […]

Can Email Marketing Make a Comeback?

There are so many ways to advertise these days. Companies spend millions of dollars to get their name and product into the hands of their targeted customers. Television ads, direct mail, and print ads are just a few of the coveted outlets. There is one source of marketing, however, that many companies forget about or […]

Tips For Growing Your Customer Base

Starting a business can actually be pretty easy. It’s making it take off and succeed that is the hard part. You can spend thousands on advertising and create a great business model, but without a customer base, you won’t get very far before running out of money. These days a person can get online or […]

Tips for Engaging an Online Audience

Engaging the online community is pretty important in today’s society. Whether it is Facebook checking what their friends are up to or their local news site checking the weather forecast for the day, everyone is constantly on some sort of online website. It may be a little intimidating to think that your site, may it […]

How to Start Managing Millennials

Generational differences play a big part in the work place. At times, an older generation can clash with a younger generation simply because they do not understand how the other prefers to do things. There are ways to avoid these conflicts and, going on, it may be more necessary than ever before. An article found […]

NeoCon 2012

What is NeoCon all about? It is a large group of extremely talented designers coming together to show people the cutting-edge styles and trends for that year. It is a chance for sales people and students alike to step into a showroom and experience a designer’s vision and learn what everyone from business-owners to home-owners […]

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