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Product Spotlight: U Brands

U Brands is a California based company that brings design, innovation, and productivity together to create unique products for the office products channel.  U Brands was recently acquired by Smead and the two have jointly created a stationery and board company that is reinvigorating the category. By providing unique, well-crafted and modern products, U Brands […]

Indoff Gives an E-Commerce Edge in an Amazon World

Why Personal Selling Still Matters in the Business Products industry Indoff has always prided itself on having sales Partners who foster a solid relationship with their clients. As a matter of fact, a loyal customer base is one of the things the recruiting department is looking for when we interview prospects. However, due to the […]

Office Coffee: 3 Things to Consider When Buying Your Product

When you think of an office, what pops into your head? The symphony of thousands of clicks and clacks on computers? The smells of paper and rubber bands? Maybe it’s the harmonic sounds of copy machines and telephones? It all may depend on what kind of office you work in but what is certain is […]

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