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Product Spotlight: Treston Tool Carts

Work is not always confined to a single space. This is especially true for heavy equipment manufacturers. For that reason, Treston has designed an extensive range of mobile carts for the purpose of bringing tools and equipment to where they are needed.

Treston tool carts eliminate unnecessary time spent running between the tool cabinets or workbench, and the work area. This time saved can equate to greater productivity, cost-savings, and an increase in profits. Proper tool storage can also reduce costs associated with replacing lost tools.

As shown below, tool board carts, paired with tool shadows, help companies visually control their tools and equipment. Treston customers who have implemented tool carts as part of their LEAN processes have seen significant increases in productivity and profits.

Part NumberDescription
C74007102Basic cart 2, no bottom shelf, 30″W
14-C7400779Basic cart 2, no bottom shelf, 36″W
14-C7400774Basic cart 5, no bottom shelf, 30″W
14-C7400771Basic cart 5, no bottom shelf, 36″W
1852665-49Optional bottom shelf 30″W
860420-49Optional bottom shelf 36″W
2855001-51Hook Set 1 – set of 20 hooks
3855002-51Hook Set 2 – set of 45 hooks
4SBS4-1015-64 Stacking bins, blue (6.5″ x 4.13″ x 2.95″)
5SBS4-24 Stacking bins, blue
(2) 1525-6 (9.84″x5.87″x5.12

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