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LED Lighting Trends in 2020

LED Lighting Trends in 2020

The world of lighting seems to change daily. Part of the industry shows no signs of slowing down and with energy consumption being a huge conversational point today we’re sure to see changes in LED technology. Additionally, new regulations are being introduced and certifications for your business can be acquired. This is why we’ve decided to take a look in to the LED lighting trends in 2020.

Lighting is often forgotten about until it doesn’t work when you flip the switch. Unfortunately, the problem is flipping the switch itself if your business hasn’t kept pace. Lighting and HVAC makes up over half of the energy bill your business must pay every month. That’s an alarming stat that shouldn’t be ignored.

At Indoff, we strive to stay up to date with information and trends as it becomes available. It’s important that our customers receive the best solution to their business needs and we can only achieve that goal if we keep up with the times. 2020 is here and so are our top 5 predictions as to what the near future will bring:

Energy efficiency will continue to improve

Energy-efficient lighting is extremely important in today’s modern world. Almost all businesses operate at a minimum of 40 hours a week which means so do your light bulbs. Additionally, you have to think about the time spent before and after you close your doors, the exterior lights remain left on overnight, or how the cleaning crew after-hours need to leave the lights on as they operate. It’s easy to see why lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for businesses nationwide.

The good news is that LED lighting is only getting more efficient as time goes on. Efficiency is measured in Lumens per Watt (lpw), the higher the lpw, the more efficient the bulb. Currently, we stand at 125 lpw and that number only continues to grow year after year. Additionally, compared to their incandescent and fluorescent predecessors, LED light bulbs emit less heat and last as much as 25 times longer. 

Alexa, dim the lights.

It’s not an unknown that the world is evolving and doing so at a faster pace than ever before. New technologies arise just as fast as others crumble. We look towards technology to make our lives easier, help us improve our decisions, and increase our safety. 

One piece of technology that continues to grow and dominate, no matter how controversial it may be, are voice assistants. You may know them by names such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Home. These voice assistants help us tap into the emerging world of the Internet of Things or IoT.

IoT devices are considered “smart” as they can be connected to the internet but controlled in the real world with applications, command hubs, or our voices. Smart homes are already beginning to become more prevalent and businesses aren’t far behind. In 2020 more businesses will make the switch to Smart LED Bulbs and the trend will continue for years to come. 

Aside from being more energy-efficient, these smart bulbs can help businesses save money in additional ways. For example, smart bulbs can be controlled remotely so maintenance can turn off lights that may have been left on at the end of the day from their phone at home. The future is bright for this tech and it’s only going to become more sophisticated as time marches on.

Slimming down for the new year

Not much thought was put into the design of the bulbs of the past. There needed to be enough space for the wires to not touch the glass and allow for enough air to ventilate but the overall design and aesthetic was often forgotten about. As technology has improved we have been able to require less space for our lighting needs.

Nowadays we can reduce the space needed for the light itself for an increase in aesthetics and design. Where we previously needed large fixtures to house bulbs, we can now have large fixtures of various geometric shapes to add to the feeling of a room. We now have stronger light bulbs that take up less space and energy. There is less need for confusing wiring and additionally, LEDs make it easier than ever to upgrade a fixture with a retrofit kit.

Warming up the color temperature

It’s great to be able to save money for your company while also becoming more environmentally friendly, but what about the look and feel of the office? As hinted about above, we now how more control of our environments due to the advancements of lighting and color is no different.

LED bulbs have a spectacular range of strength and color like never before. Due to the advancements of technology we now have a bulb for every emotion you’d like to convey and more. Many IoT applications even allow you to change the color of your bulb straight from your phone to nearly any color you can think of. It’s even now possible to change the color of your conference room lighting to match that of your brand’s colors during meetings and presentations if you’d like.

Many designers are catching on to the fact that certain lights can create cozier, calming, and more relaxing or intimate feelings within the environment. This is great for high-end restaurants, your home, or even break rooms. Long gone are the days of the on or off switch as you now can directly control the exact percentage of how bright you’d prefer your light to be at that moment with a simple voice command.

The war on the blue light epidemic

Our society is beginning to wake up to the blue light epidemic. Actually, we can’t fall asleep due to it. Much of the tech within our homes, businesses, and our pockets emit light in short wavelengths. This is what is known as blue light. 

The color blue is highly energetic compared to other colors such as the reds and oranges of a relaxing sunset. We are learning that this can have monumental effects on our bodies. We began to lose sleep and also experience digital eye strain due to our screen time.

As additional studies are completed we learn more about how to improve our lighting situation within our homes and business. Manufacturers will make big strives in 2020 to reduce the effect of blue light and create new technologies to help combat it. For now, exposure to blue light can be hard to avoid but as we continue into the future it’s sure to be a huge focus for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Update your lighting with Indoff in 2020

It’s time to start thinking of the future and making sure that your business isn’t falling behind. Every day that you are running outdated bulbs in your home, warehouse, or business is a day that you are continuing to waste money. That is money that could be invested back into additional personnel, improving internal systems, or buying needed equipment.

Updating your lighting to LEDs will not only save you money, but it also makes your company more environmentally friendly. This may be the difference between receiving a grant from the government or not. 

When deciding to update your lighting it’s important that you work with experts within the industry and Indoff Energy Solution Partners are exactly that. With years of experience under their belts, they are up to speed on trends and technology. Additionally, they are local experts who want to see your business succeed.

Reach out today to get an energy audit before making the leap to see just how much money you’ll be saving. The results may be quite shocking.

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