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UNEX Steel Rollers Help Automotive Supplier ‘Knuckle Down’ and Continue to Deliver Parts on Time and on Track

A fast-paced facility is on a roll with an upgraded carton flow area equipped with heavy duty SpanTrack steel roller lanes.

Workers at a thriving Indiana facility deliver 6,500 parts each workday to a major car and truck manufacturer. “We are a just-in-time supplier and are constantly moving a high volume of automotive components of all shapes and sizes, from parts that go under the hood to under the body,” says Nathan Stone, Production/Logistics Manager.

Throughout each shift, empty and filled totes flow seamlessly across 38 bays equipped with heavy duty, galvanized steel rollers from UNEX. But this uninterrupted volley of carton flow was not always the case.

To read and download the full case study for yourself click here!

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