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While the American economy is currently strong, a growing number of signs indicate that this recent boom may soon reach its end. Since mid-2019, the fear of a potential recession has loomed over financial analysts, and there are numerous factors in play that could bring the recent economic growth to an unexpected stop.

     While an economic downturn is far from guaranteed, there have been several worrying trends as of late that could indicate changing fortune in the months to come. These trends are not merely limited to the United States, as the ongoing trade wars have caused businesses around the globe to tighten their belts in this unstable market. This decrease in market confidence has a significant ripple effect in the global economy, leading to more wary consumers. A sharp decrease in consumer spending raise the likelihood of a depression significantly. In fact, a recent economic study found the odds of a recession occurring within the next year to be about one in three. If one does occur, however, the best thing you can do is commit yourself to a safe, secure career. It just so happens that you can find such an opportunity at Indoff.   

      At Indoff, all of our Sales Partners work confidently, knowing that even when the economy slumps, they have the resources of a successful, international company involved in several reliable industries. We take great pride in the fact that we give our Sales Partners all the support they could ever need to succeed. Indoff will help pay for your home office expenses, including telephone, fax, and internet access. Additionally, we can provide marketing support and even help build you a personalized website. Overall, we think that you will enjoy the useful assets of working for a successful company, along with maintaining the freedom that comes with being a business owner. Regardless of the market’s current health, the unmatched service and expertise of Indoff’s Sales Partners are always in demand.

     At Indoff, we are always looking to hire experienced, devoted outside sales professionals. Indoff is dedicated to fostering an environment in which our Sales Partners can find guaranteed financial security, even in the face of unexpected economic downturns.

     If you are interested in learning more about an employer who will respect and encourage your freedom as a sales professional, please feel free to reach out to me for more information.

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Austin Orozco

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