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Product Spotlight: FireKing

FireKing has been protecting what is important since 1948 with the best fire-rated products in the business. Our seven decades of experience has allowed us to master the science behind building products that give your customers maximum protection against fire.

Made in the USA… at our plant in New Albany, Indiana… FireKing filing cabinets offer the trusted UL (Underwriters Laboratories) fire rating (both One and Two Hour UL rated cabinets are available). With water resistance that protects vital documents from high-pressure fire hoses and sprinkler systems, FireKing filing cabinets also pass the rigorous UL impact rating test; where the cabinet is heated to 1550 degrees for a half-hour before being dropped from 30 feet in the air onto a pile of rubble. Then we invert the cabinet and throw it back in the oven for another thirty minutes. An explosion test is also administered, which leaves the cabinet in the oven for a half-hour at 2,000 degrees (about twice as hot as the average fire), before being inspected for heat or moisture damage. Very few fireproof manufacturers test their products for impact; but what happens when the roof collapses or the fire causes the floor underneath the cabinet to fail? Your customer can rest assured knowing that FireKing is designed to perform under the most extreme conditions. 

For price-sensitive customers like churches, schools and small businesses, FireKing offers the more economical PATRIOT series filing cabinets. To reduce costs, we’ve scaled back a few of the features on the Patriot cabinets WITHOUT sacrificing the quality that made FireKing an industry leader. Your cost-conscious customers should know that the same demanding UL standards for fire, water, explosion, and impact can be found in the more affordable PATRIOT by FireKing.

The FireKing fire-rated storage cabinets have become a popular fixture in many modern offices, with options and configurations that will give your client the versatility to safely store a variety of items in different shapes and sizes.

Both the 72” four-shelf model and the 44” two shelf models are equipped with a weight capacity of 160lbs. per shelf. Binders, Banker’s Boxes, books, and other valuables can be safely housed with superior fire protection and high-security Medeco locks. 

FireKing will even do the heavy lifting for you! Indoff dealers get pre-paid freight (dock-to-dock freight is included on all orders over $250 at no additional charge. We also have optional inside delivery programs that are guaranteed to make your life easier.

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