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Product Spotlight: U Brands

U Brands is a California based company that brings design, innovation, and productivity together to create unique products for the office products channel.  U Brands was recently acquired by Smead and the two have jointly created a stationery and board company that is reinvigorating the category. By providing unique, well-crafted and modern products, U Brands gives customers like you, a better organized and more inspired way of designing their workspaces.  From our cubical boards to our large rolling glass boards, U Brands provides you with a stylish product for any work area – office, cubical, coffee shop, or home office. We look forward to helping you create a functional and unique workspace with our assortment of U Brands products.

Company Overview

  • Located in San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • Company is 5 years old
  • Product categories include:  Dry Erase Boards, Glass Boards, Office Tools, Filing, Desk Accessories, Writing, Art, and Locker
  • Mike Cerillo and Ben Hoch are the Co-Founders and Co-CEO’s

Why Buy U Brands?

  • Innovation, Newness & Vision
    • With over 25 years of experience in the presentation board category U Brands will drive innovation in the commercial channel.
    • Deliver a fresh perspective with new innovative products, formats and styles.
    • Vision for the future and products geared toward the ever changing workplace.
  • Complete solution for Presentation Boards and Accessories
    • U Brands offier a complete assortment of presentation boards across multiple formats, frame styles, and surfaces.
    • Full line of board accessories
    • Large assortment of dry erase markers
    • One stop shop
  • ISTA 3A Packaging on all boards sized 23 x 17 and larger
    • ISTA 3A is for packaged products for parcel delivery shipments weighing 150 pounds, or less, and in elongated packaging.
    • ISTA 3A packaging preserves the product in transit to carrier specifications.
    • U Brands has average damages of under 5% which is way below the industry standard of 25% to 30% depending on manufacturer.
    • Lower damage rates, lower return rates, higher profitability.
    • Reduces customer frustration and minimizes returns.
    • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Quality
    • U Brands quality is on par or above industry standards delivering a better end user experience.
  • Pricing, Pricing, Pricing
    • U Brands display boards, markers, and accessories are competitively priced in the market to effectively capture market share.
  • Warranty – How do we protect your board?
    • We also differentiate ourselves from our competition in the warranty department.  How so?  U Brands offers Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Glass Boards.  Most competitors offer a 20 or 25 year warranty.
    • All U Brands boards come with warranty protection.  However, the warranty may be different depending on the board type and material.
    • U Brands certifies that your new U Brands dry erase, cork, or glass board product is free from defects in materials or workmanship.  The length of the warranty for dry erase and cork boards is for a period of either 3 years or 5 years dependent on the product. Glass boards are covered by a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Wholesaler Supported Product Line
    • 63 SKU’s supported by Essendant.
    • A unique product offering including:
      • Glass Frameless Floating Dry Erase, and Calendar Boards
      • Glass Frameless Floating Dry Erase with Ghost Grid
      • Glass Magnetic Frameless Dry Erase
      • Aluminum Framed 3in1 Glass Board
      • Aluminum Framed Weekly Calendar Glass Board
      • Glass Cubical Boards
      • Glass Cubical Calendar Boards
      • Aluminum PINIT Frame Dry Erase
      • Aluminum PINIT Frame Calendar
      • 4in1 Magnetic Dry Erase Combo Board
      • Aluminum Frame Calendar and Dry Erase Boards
      • Decorative Frame Chalk, Linen, Calendar, and Dry Erase Boards
      • Shag Erasers, High Energy Magnets, Markers, and Push Pins

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