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Product Spotlight: iClick

RIP Headphone Jacks

Headphone jacks have left the building. But that’s fine with us because Bluetooth headphones are better than ever before. They have built-in controls, microphones, and longer battery lives. Wired earbuds will always have a place in our hearts. But they don’t offer the same imprint area that you’ll get with a Bluetooth earbud charging case.

All Blu Audio Line products are quality tested. Providing peace of mind that your logo is on a safe and reliable product. All Blu products are Bluetooth capable with a range of up to 10 meters. Features include built-in microphones for taking calls and play/pause controls. 

For over the ear listening check out iClick’s BluTunes. Available in classic black or bold white. Laser engrave one or both sides. 

  • 200 mAh battery for an average play time of 6-7 hours
  • Includes auxiliary cable to support wired listening

Inspired by the latest trends *hint* the BluPods are a gift that will wow, minus the budget-busting price tag. Classic white earbuds in a white charging case, imprinted with your logo.

  • An average playtime of 2 hours
  • Charging case includes a built-in battery capable of providing one full charge

BluBuds offer a unique but high-end look and feel. Comfortable yet subtle, you can wear them all day long. Laser engrave your logo on top of the charging case that users will carry with them wherever they go.

  • Average playtime of 3 hours

Charging case with a built-in battery capable of providing 2 full charges

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