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Product Spotlight: Reed Premiere

Under Lighting That’s Above All

With five lengths and interlinking capabilities, Reed Premier creates customized lighting solutions for any space. Designed to attach directly beneath underbin cabinetry, its slim profile mounts effortlessly below cabinets and shelving to provide superb quality illumination exactly where it’s needed. Its multiple energy-saving components include an automatic shut-off feature, optional occupancy sensor and a capacitive touch dimming feature with last state memory that allows the user to tailor its intensity to any specific task with ease.


  • Reed Premier’s properly diffused light provides a softly blended light pattern that reduces eye strain.
  • Choose from two brightness levels of standard or high output.


  • Interlink two or more Reed Premier fixtures to create a custom lighting solution to adequately light up any space.


  • The automatic shut-off feature comes standard and will turn the fixture off after 10 hours of continuous use (±15 mins.).
  • Features a single-touch on/off and touch-and-hold continuous dimming pad with last state memory.
  • An optional occupancy or vacancy sensor option is available integrated (built-in) within the fixture or as a modular add-on accessory.


  • An optional angle mount allows for a 23 degree tilt in either of two directions. Great for where you need directional light!

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