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Why Personal Selling Still Matters in the Business Products industry

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Indoff has always prided itself on having sales Partners who foster a solid relationship with their clients. As a matter of fact, a loyal customer base is one of the things the recruiting department is looking for when we interview prospects. However, due to the rapid expansion of e-commerce, it can sometimes feel like personal selling is losing its place.

At Indoff, we don’t believe everything is black and white. When Recruiting talks to new business products prospects, we let them know they have a choice. Some of our Partners are more comfortable with traditional outside sales that allow them to have more of a presence in their clients’ offices and we give those partners the tools to support their business. We trust our Partners to know what works best for them.

For partners who may be interested in an e-commerce set up, Indoff has partnered with GOPD to design customizable, user-friendly websites that allow a Sales Partner’s clients to do simple online ordering while still having a contact nearby who works specifically for their needs. We also have a marketing department who will create custom e-marketing pieces to send to clients. That’s an edge that Amazon simply cannot offer.

When you buy from an Indoff Business Products Partner, you are buying from someone with a vested interest in you, your area, and your local economy. No one knows a market better than someone who experiences that market first hand.

That sums up the kind of hires we are looking for, the kind of sales professional who knows that relationships still matter and want to give their full focus to their clients.  Indoff is always developing new ways that we can combine the newest technology and support, with the best pricing, from a sales professional who cares.

If this seems like the kind of career you see yourself in, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I would be happy to provide more information.

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Julie M.
Recruiting Supervisor

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