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Vendor Case Study: Aurora – Sheriff’s Department

The Challenge

The Kane County Sheriff’s Department planned to move to a new multistory
facility in Geneva, Illinois, that would house both the department and county jail. The Sheriff’s Department had a severe space shortage in its old facility. Department members resorted to locking essential high-security items in vacant jail cells to cope with the lack of space.

The new building would provide an opportunity to organize and consolidate storage, and allow room for growth. Their needs included secure storage for hand guns and rifles, trial evidence, inmate records, parking tickets, files, and computer print outs.

The Solution

The Aurora Dealer produced a flexible storage solution to fit existing needs and accommodate future expansion.

The evidence room features a locking Aurora Mobile Mechanical Assist system with separate locks on the carriages for hand guns and rifles confiscated at crime scenes. Extra deep 50” carriages with back to back shelving are used to store plastic evidence boxes. An additional bank of free standing Aurora Shelving with locking Quik-Roll Doors holds oversized evidence. The new system provides four times the storage capacity for guns and significantly increases evidence storage space.

A second Aurora Mobile Mechanical Assist in the central file room is outfitted with multiple locking drawers for storing inmate cards, fingerprint cards and video. Other system carriages contain standard shelving for letter size files, binders, and report printouts.

Kane County Sheriff’s Department went from an antiquated environment with limited storage to a new setting that provides centralized record and evidence storage. Undersheriff Steve Ziman noted: “With increased efficiency, double the space, and built in spare capacity, our new Aurora storage system has everyone satisfied.”

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