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Product Spotlight: Garyline RP20

20 oz. Recycled PETE Bottle with Push Pull Lid

The RP20 sports bottle is molded from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled material.

Post-Consumer means this bottle was out in the world as something else, perhaps a soda or water bottle. We purchased recycled material that has been sanitized and we are now the only supplier in our industry molding bottles from 100% Post-Consumer recycled material.

Garyline has been grinding manufacturing waste (scraps, mis-prints, etc.) and recycling Post-Industrial material for many years. We wanted to step it up and go one-step further by offering 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material in sports bottles.

  • 6 bottle colors available / 13 lid colors available
  • Ships Assembled / No Extra Charge
  • Compact Design For Multiple Use
  • BPA-Free / Food Compliant
  • Individually Poly-bagged – No Extra Charge
  • Bottles are Molded Print & Assembled in USA
  • Lids are Made in USA & China – 100% USA lids available on request

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