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Office Coffee: 3 Things to Consider When Buying Your Product

A lady enjoying her share of the office coffee in the morning

When you think of an office, what pops into your head? The symphony of thousands of clicks and clacks on computers? The smells of paper and rubber bands? Maybe it’s the harmonic sounds of copy machines and telephones? It all may depend on what kind of office you work in but what is certain is that the fresh, awakening, smell of coffee. It’s truly a staple in any workplace. Whether your office supports a staff of 10 or 10,000 people, office coffee plays a part in every staff member’s day. Even if you don’t drink it. The key to achieving ultimate productivity in the workplace is having the right coffee. With so many different options to choose from, we have created a guide so that you can create that fresh, productive workspace in your own office.

The Machines

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing what kind of coffee maker to have in your office. We’ll keep it simple you may get too overwhelmed. Everyone knows about the simple drip brew coffee maker from companies like Bunn, Black & Decker, Mr. Coffee, and just about every other appliance company out there. Why go basic when you can go gourmet? Mix it up a bit with different options such as a Keurig, a Ninja bar brewer, or even an X Chef French Press Thermal Carafe.

While all of these machines ultimately do the same thing which is produce coffee – it is important to know the differences between them. For example, your standard drip brew coffee maker has very few options. The coffee comes out hot, you pour it into your mug, maybe add some sugar or creme and there you go. Congratulations – you now have a nice cup of coffee. When you begin to venture into the world of Keurig or some of the other more advanced methods of producing coffee, you then open your office up to different options of flavors and brews. You could have your own mini Starbucks in the kitchen if you wanted. Knowing the options of machines is very important when it comes to choosing the right office coffee. Just as important is knowing the options for the different kinds of coffee you can brew in the office.

The Convenience

There is an extremely wide variety of coffee including your standard black coffee, cappuccinos, latte’s, espresso, and more. The real thing you need to be looking for is the convenience. If we could all have a barista in the kitchen whipping up fancy cups of coffee we would. Knowing the most convenient ways for you and your employees to enjoy their caffeine is important.

The standard drip brew, filtered coffee has been the standard for many years. With the paper filter and the pot, anyone should be able to recognize and create their own pot of coffee. That being said, there are plenty of new ways to get coffee to your employees quickly and conveniently. Keurig is a good example.

While the first Keurig machine and K-cup were released in 1998, they are still contenders in the office coffee market. Why? Convenience. The K-cup system removed the measuring, prep, and cleanup. Not to mention all the flavors they can choose from. When thinking about office coffee, you should think of it as a spectrum. At one end you have convenience, and at the other, you have a high tech robotic barista. Maybe you’re old school, maybe you’re new school, or maybe you’re somewhere in between. No matter where you are, convenience is key.

The Trends

As we all know, time stops for nobody. Every day we grow older and a younger workforce of Millenials moves in. At times people talk about millennials as an entirely different species and when it comes to coffee it’s no different. According to Bloomberg research, 44% of female millennials spend more money on coffee daily than they do saving for their retirement. If that didn’t wake you up faster than a shot of espresso, we don’t know what will. But how do we satisfy these joe hungry millennials with office coffee?

Upping the quality of the coffee in the office is a major key. More and more people are preferring higher quality coffee over just any old cup of joe. Another factor that is becoming more popular is sustainable coffee. Knowing where the coffee came from, whether or not it’s organic, and ensuring its healthy for the consumer and the planet. These are great things to consider – but as the quality increases so does the price. The price of coffee is increasing across the board and will only continue to do so. Investing in your office coffee is investing in your staff. No one wants to start their day off on the wrong foot and offering an unappealing cup of coffee to your employees may do just that.

It can be difficult to decide on which cup of coffee is best for you and your employees but that’s just another reason Indoff is here for you. For all of your office coffee needs, contact your local Indoff Business Products partner today to get the right coffee for your office.

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