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Product Spotlight: Emuamericas – Darwin by Lucidi-Pevere

Darwin has ergonomic proportions and lightness of structural lines that guarantee both comfort and adaptability to any environment. The collection is included in the traditional line of emu, the unquestionable master in the technology of steel mesh couplings.‎ Defined by its exceptional style, this collection has a functional and simple aesthetic that reintroduces classic themes by utilizing a contemporary geometric structure.

The Darwin range consists of a chair, armchair, barstool, tables, lounge armchair, love seat and low table. A unique feature for the table is a solid steel frame with a steel tilting table top design allowing for easy storage and mobility. The E-coated powder coat finish is perfect for withstanding outdoor elements. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, lounge areas or home use.

Frame colors available:
Iron, White, Black, Moss Grey, Bronze, Cherry, and Dark Green

  • 521 Darwin Side Chair
    • Dimensions: H30.5” x W21” x D21.5 x SH18” + 10.5LBS
  • 522 Darwin Armchair
    • Dimensions: H30.5” x W23.5” x D21.5” x SH18” x AH27” + 12.5LBS
  • 523 Darwin Barstool
    • Dimensions: H40.5” x W19.5” x D20” x SH30” + 13LBS
  • 525 Darwin Tilt Table (28” Sq)
    • Dimensions: H29” x BW20” x TS28” Sq + 31.5LBS
  • 529 Darwin Tilt Table (32” Sq)
    • Dimensions: H29” x BW20” x TS32” +35LBS
  • 848 Darwin Tilt Table (24” Dia)
    • Dimensions: H29” x TS24” x 26LBS
  • 849 Darwin Tilt Table (32” Dia)
    • Dimensions: H29” x TS32” + 32.5LBS
  • 528 Darwin Bar Table (28” Sq)
    • Dimensions: H41.5” x BW20” x TS28” Sq + 33.5LBS
  • 524 Darwin Lounge
    • Dimensions: H29.5” x W30.5” x D28.5” x SH15” x AH24” + 15LBS
  • 527 Darwin Loveseat
    • Dimensions: H29.5” x W55” x 28.5” x SH15” AH24” + 29.5LBS
  • 526 Darwin Low Table
    • Dimensions: H15.5” x W28” x D28” + 18LBS

Head on over to emuamerica’s site for additional information:

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