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Vendor Case Study: Aurora – Public Library

Aurora Storage Products completed a large-scale storage project at the Santori Aurora Public Library in Aurora, Illinois.

The new public library more than doubled in size from the old land locked library. It incorporates a digital media center with state-of-the-art information technology, a Family Computer Lab, 3-D Printer, Laptop Bar and Genealogy Research Center.

Aurora Public Library now features thousands of square feet of space containing Aurora’s 4-Post Library Shelving with special laminate end panels for its regular collections.

As part of the planning process the staff was very insistent the book collections not be sacrificed to make way for other features. Book and other collections are still one of the main reasons patrons visit the library. The unique 4-post design of Aurora Library Shelving uses on average 20% less floor space than outdated cantilever shelving. This space savings enabled the library to display all of its collections without giving up unique elements the librarians also wanted for the new facility. No other shelving system could have accomplished this task!

The Children’s Library highlights some very unique products. Aurora developed specially curved metal shelving topped with laminate to complement the playful lines of the designer’s vision.

From this curved reference shelving, sections of library shelving radiate like wheel spokes to continue the whimsical approach. Shelving in these stacks is lower in height, scaled ‘kid size’ for easy scanning and selection of books.

Aurora Browser Boxes are another distinctive library storage product for convenient access to games and music cds. Little patrons or parents slide out the box drawers to view the selections and take an item for check out at the desk or just stay and play in the brightly colored environment.

The library second floor houses the Genealogy Research Center which contains vast amounts of information on Aurora residents, local buildings and more. Patrons can search the library’s database of over 5 billion genealogy records.

Significant historic volumes are stored in Aurora Wood-Tek shelving with locking doors. Wood-Tek is a unique style of case goods which features the strength of Aurora steel shelving combined with elegant wood cladding. The shelving contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to harm valuable documents or books.

Additional important volumes are stored on an Aurora High Density Mobile system with laminate end panels, a space efficient way to store 50% more books and material in a compact footprint.

The librarians are very proud of their beautiful new facility, their spacious collections, and the design support and service they received from Aurora Storage Products.

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