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Vendor Video: Omni Metalcraft

Today’s world is all about speed and efficiency. You won’t be able to keep your doors open long if your customers are having to wait on your product. One area that is always easy to improve upon is your conveyor system. When it comes to conveyors, Indoff has many options and one of them is Omni Metalcraft.

Omni Metalcraft is one of the world’s leading suppliers of conveyor belts and their parts. Indoff has been partnered with Omni Metalcraft for many years and is happy to offer their products to our customers. They offer thousands of products including conveyor tubes, axels, ball bearings, rollers and more.

Warehouse Efficiency

There’s a lot that goes into picking a good system for your warehouse and that’s where an Indoff Partner can come in. When you work with Indoff our Partners will assist you with not only ordering the correct parts but making sure that your warehouse is running as smoothly as possible. This may require adding more to your space than just conveyors. There may be a need to move your racking, update your docking area, or maybe even adding a modular office.

The biggest expense in warehouses is the human labor that is needed for them to operate. That being said, it’s extremely important to make sure that your human labor is optimized. If your staff is spending too much time walking between points to do their job it could affect your bottom line. Additionally, you may need conveyors to bring your products to an automated machine. Don’t use human labor for basic tasks.

Be sure to reach out to your Local Indoff Material Handling Partner for additional information on what Omni Metalcraft can do with your warehouse efficiency. Don’t know who your Local Partner is? No problem, take a look at our Partner locator!

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