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Vendor Case Study: Symbiote Lab Furniture

At 20 stories tall and more than 3 million square feet, Canada is home to CHUM, short for Central Hospital University of Montreal. CHUM is a merger of three hospitals—combining teaching, research, and healthcare—into one mega destination.


  • Green design and human-centered approach makes CHUM the only hospital in North America to supply 100% fresh air throughout the building.
  • Artwork is used as wayfinding while daylight and garden views support relaxation.
  • Families have 24/7 visiting hours and comfortable patient rooms.
  • With over 35 medical disciplines, the interior offers employees many chance encounters (collaboration) on large atriums and stairways.


  • There are dedicated rooms for robotic surgery, heart surgery, neurosurgery and transplants.
  • A network of self-guided vehicles is used to carry equipment.
  • The pneumatic, bar-code transfer system delivers drugs and samples for testing.


  • Specialty floors house teaching, centralized research and individual core labs. Symbiote furniture encompasses three floors.
  • Floors are free of columns enabling an open design. Lab benches, mobile tables and casegoods are easy to move around and reconfigure as needed.
  • Researchers have adjustable workstations adjacent to and inside lab areas.
  • Steel lab casework is placed along perimeters or underutilized areas to form specialized tasks around the core. The core contains fume hoods, supplies areas and shared equipment zones.

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