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As many of you may have heard, we are introducing a new email marketing program at Indoff.  This program will be offered to every division and is designed to help Partners save time and market themselves to customers.  To learn more about this innovative program, read on for a note from Indoff’s Marketing Manager, Adam Heck.

Hello Partners,

We wanted to give you a status update on our new outbound e-mail marketing program. We think we will start sending out emails early to mid November, with the program fully up and running on January 1st. We have chosen Mail Chimp as our program due to its reputation, templates and security features. Kaitie and Lexy are beginning to create emails, working with Mail Chimp to get out all the kinks of the program and putting together a calendar of emails for the next few months.

I will be sending out emails to each division in the next few days with detailed info about the types and frequency of emails we will send out for each division.  Attached to that email will be the customer list spreadsheet we’ll need you to fill out. You will have about a month to put together your customer list before the first email goes out, and we suggest you add yourself to the customer list so you receive our emails at the same time as your customers. We welcome any suggestions you may have on future email pieces.

Each Wednesday we will send out the subject or theme for the next week.  You will have until Friday to opt out of the next week’s email. We anticipate the only reason you would opt out is if you simply don’t want to sell or market the product(s) featured on the future email. We haven’t finalized which day the email for each division will go out, but we will provide that info in a future update.

The cost for the email marketing program will be $150 a year which we will deduct from your marketing budget starting in January 2017. This amounts to $12.50 a month for 2-4 professional emails each month that should be very helpful in generating more leads and customer inquiries. If you do not want to participate in the program you will be able to opt out of the program completely.

Thanks for your attention and let me know if you have any questions.

Adam Heck
Marketing Manager

For more information about this program, please contact Adam at

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