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Month: August 2016

Product Spotlight: Bond Caster

Product Spotlight: BBF

BBF is the commercial furniture division of Bush Industries, Inc., and is focused on providing commercial-grade workplace furnishing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, with an additional focus on the serious office-at-home professional.  

Vendor Video: VividBoard

VividBoard creates custom whiteboards that are used in environments where information needs to be displayed professionally and change often. Learn more about their unique whiteboards, by watching the video below:

Product Spotlight: Flexsteel

Vendor Video: RightAngle Products

RightAngle Ergonomic Products is a leading manufacturer of sit stand desks and ergonomic office furniture and has been manufacturing ergonomic computer accessories for over 25 years. Learn more about them in the video below:  

Product Spotlight: Gemline

Vendor Video: Andersen Co

The Andersen Company legacy began in 1974. Since those early beginnings, The Andersen Company has become the leader in the development and production of solution based high performance mat products. To learn about their products, click on the video below:

Vendor Video: OFM

Started in 1995, OFM is a family-run furniture distributor with an eye on consumer satisfaction. Learn more about them, in the video below: