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Month: December 2015

Product Spotlight: Broker Forms

Partner Feature: LeAnn Pashina

  1. What does “World of Opportunity” mean to you? Stop thinking “small”.  The world truly has become connected and looking at the world as my marketplace is a realistic view now with the availability of the internet and all the sites available.  I think of how my facebook page and LinkedIn is growing as […]

Product Spotlight: Metalia


Product Spotlight: Nightingale

Partner Feature: Meet Lori Beck!

1. What does “World of Opportunity” mean to you? For me, “World of Opportunity” means freedom.  Freedom from sales call reports, freedom to work when and where I want, freedom to sell what I want.  I can decide on what products are best for my clients.  I’m not limited to present only certain lines of […]

Product Spotlight: Safco

Partner Feature: Meet Steve Brandt!

  This week, we spoke with Indoff Partner, Steve Brandt!  Continue reading to learn more about Steve!   1. What does “world of opportunity” mean to you? Well, I suppose I can think of two things that saying means to me.  First thing is the vast numbers of vendors and manufacturers that are open to […]

Product Spotlight: HUSH™ Acoustical Tiles from Compatico

Partner Feature: Meet Heather Rumsey!

For this week’s Partner Feature, we interviewed Commercial Interiors Partner, Heather Rumsey!  Last week, we spoke with Heather’s mom, Marsha Olinghouse.  Read on, to learn more about Heather! 1. What does “World of Opportunity” mean to you? The “World of Opportunity” means that while working for Indoff, I am able to sell what I want, […]

Product Spotlight: Vera LED

We’ve all heard the buzz about LED Lighting (Solid State Light).  You may have already sold and been involved in a number of projects.  Have you had questions, concerns or frustrations working to close projects and not had a place to turn?   An issue with customer service? We would like to introduce ourselves to the […]