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Month: November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Indoff’s Corporate Office!

Thanksgiving is only a day away and we wanted to celebrate at the Corporate Office by remembering what we are thankful for!  From the Indoff Partners, to family and friends, we are all thankful for the things we are so fortunate to have. Marcia Whites: “We are always thankful for the Indoff Partners.” Carol Jacobson: “I […]

Partner Feature: Meet Marsha Olinghouse!

This week our Partner Feature is Commercial Interiors Partner, Marsha Olinghouse!  Read on to learn more about her: 1. What does “World of Opportunity” mean to you? Similar to one of my favorite sayings…”If it is to be, it’s up to me.”  Meaning you can do and be whatever you want. There are no boundaries. 2. What big […]

Product Spotlight: Palmer Hamilton

Reliable, re-chargeable USB power source built right into a mobile table! No longer are you tethered to a cord, have unsightly trip hazard cords, or need to go to the expense of adding outlets to your facility.  Over here, over there – wherever you need USB recharging, simply roll the Reload table to where it’s […]

Thanksgiving Articles from the Web

In honor of Thanksgiving being a week from today, we’ve rounded up some articles from around the web to get you ready for next Thursday!  Whether you’re looking for last minute recipes, table decorations, a list of stores that will be open on Black Friday, travel tips or even the most helpful holiday apps, we’ve […]

Partner Feature: Meet Tom Groves!

Last week, we introduced a new segment on the blog called, “Partner Features.”  For our second installment, we spoke with Indoff Partner, Tom Groves.   1. What does “World of Opportunity” mean to you? Being in sales is not for everybody.  You have to be able to take rejection easily and move on to the next […]

Product Spotlight: Vitronic

Do You Know About Indoff Partner Advantages?

Indoff November Newsletter 2015

Stay up to date with the latest news at Indoff and check out our November newsletter!  We added a new column in this issue that features information about our most recently created division, Energy Solutions.  Click on the image or link below to take a look!   Link to November Newsletter:

Partner Feature: Meet Tom VanHoozer!

As part of a new blog feature, we will be interviewing Indoff Partners and posting their answers on our blog!  This is similar to the Partner Meet & Greet that we run in our newsletters, only it focuses on the theme from this year’s National Sales Meeting; “World of Opportunity.”  If you are an Indoff […]

Product Spotlight: Mallard


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