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Month: March 2015

Case Study: Maxon

  Maxon recently announced the implementation of Solutions.  Solutions tells the stories of Maxon’s successful projects.  One of their first Solutions features, Indoff Sales Partner, Mike Fosmer.  Read on to learn more:

Product Spotlight: Martin Yale

  Martin Yale offers paper creasers that are both simple and effective.  Read on to learn more:

Product Spotlight: Worldwide Material Handling

This week’s featured vendor is Worldwide Material Handling (WWMH).  WWMH is one of Indoff’s leading material handling vendors. WWMH designs, manufactures and provides high-quality wire mesh decking, wire mesh containers and other pallet rack accessories.  WWMH is one of the largest suppliers of pallet rack repair products and services in the United States. The product […]

Product Spotlight: BBF

BBF offers height adjustable desks that make it easy to keep moving throughout the day.  With the push of a button, you can effortlessly transform the way you work.  For more information, visit: